A Constitutional Conservative


A Constitutionalist Conservative

Those who follow my blog posts know that I am uncompromising in my belief that all men are created equal by our creator – God. Until you have read and understand the rule of law’s founding document The Constitution of the United States of America there is no way to justify giving up or giving away even one of the rights guaranteed by it.

What is hard for some to believe is that contrary to what has been said, published or broadcast over radio, television or the internet and social media the best president in my lifetime has been the forty-fifth – President Donald J. Trump. Trump had the idea that what made America the greatest nation on earth could also Make America Great Again and he had the intestinal fortitude and perseverance to make it happen.

Over the past 5+ years I have written in great detail about this political outsider taking the nation’s political parties to task. Not only did he identify specific political issues of great national importance, he rightly addressed those issues to the government entity responsible – the Congress of the United States, with congressional solutions or options that when taken seriously could have changed the landscape of the entire nation. What Trump got in return was resistance.

Almost immediately the resistance came in the form of democratic legislators boycotting the presidential inauguration, followed by disrespecting the newly elected office holder, his family and members of his administration. Then came the “disgruntled former” and current White House employees releasing their “dirt” on the president and a series of dirty dealings taken out of the Alinsky playbook by the Democratic Party and its operatives in the media and those sitting in congressionally elected offices, like sexual allegations, leaked audio recordings, smears and lies to tarnish the Trump family name and dishonor first candidate, then president-elect and finally the sitting President of the United States. Every presidential appointment and national security and foreign affairs decision made by Trump was second guessed and even unofficial “ambassadors” sent out to hold private meetings with foreign governments who were told not to worry as he wouldn’t remain president for long. Those were treasonous acts sanctioned resistant factions of our own government behind the back of the Trump administration.

What the nation was experiencing was an attempted and extended coup that remained bloodless until January 6th, 2021 when Ashley Babbitt was shot and killed inside the nation’s Capital Building by a Capital Police Officer. There was no investigation only labeling the shooting justified.

The continued J6 Congressional Hearings seem to be asking guided questions to bring a false narrative to its predetermined conclusion of wrong doing by President Trump and his MAGA supporters. This too is an act of resistance and defiance by select members of congress in their attempt to prevent another Trump landslide victory should he choose to run again.

On J6 did President Trump give a fiery speech that riled up his fan base to the extent they unlawfully and forcibly entered the nation’s Capital Building to cause damage and/or steal property?

Who did the Capital Police escort into the building as the first MAGA crowd made it to the Capital Building?  Have they been identified, imprisoned or charged?

Why did the Capital Police openly invite the MAGA crowd into a portion of the Capital Building? What did the MAGA crowd see and/or do upon entering the Capital Building?

Why have MAGA crowd attendees on J6 been hunted down, imprisoned and what charges have been filed?

More importantly who is behind the activities of J6 and what are they trying to hide? –


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