Innocent Until Proven Guilty


Innocent Until Proven Guilty

What powerful words “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law”. It’s one thing to have charges pressed against someone, but when the J6 Committee (which is not even a court) or any court in the country begins on the assumption that the accused is guilty and then works to find evidence that supports their pre-determined assumption.

That is why in my opinion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi literally and figuratively “Jumped the Gun” again trying to prove wrongdoing by President Trump on January 6th 2021 even reaching 4 years prior and into the days and weeks after. But it wasn’t just President Trump they were after, no it was anyone who identified as one of his supporters or fans. They were hunted down and treated like animals because they were loyal, patriotic MAGA fans while the actual criminal elements were given a pass.

Interestingly enough (but not totally unexpected) I did a Google search for books about Trump written particularly by those who knew him best during their White House years. What popped up were books, stories and pictures all portraying the #45th POTUS in a negative, demeaning and often vulgar light. So there is more than adequate material for J6 to draw from regardless of whether true or not.

In an actual court case neither attorney reveals his cards or openly states their endgame, until the time is right. So why do congressional lawyers play court and need a television audience to state their endgame before hearing one shred of incriminating “evidence”? Any judge worth his salt would dismiss the case and throw the lawyers in jail to teach them a lesson.

I saw a liberal news outlet’s headline stating “More Trump supporters are leaving Trump”. After reading it there was no need to go into the details of that actual report as we continue to stand behind Trump as we did on day one. We’re not going nowhere!

So here’s the deal so long as those items are out there I will continue to write about the facts as I’ve seen or know have come from reliable newsworthy sources, which leave out all the mainstream media outlets, internet tabloids or blogs slanted so far to the left that they tend to fall all over themselves.

If you’re one of those #dumptrumpers, #nevertrumpers, #everythingtrumptouchesdies or #trumpisbad kind of people willing to read my writings with an open mind so as to learn something new and worthwhile I suggest you simply save yourself some time and go elsewhere for your misinformation fix.

Also if you think that the number or volume of comments means nobody is reading my blogs and I’m starving for attention, you’re wrong. I don’t write to get comments good, bad or indifferent.

I write because it’s the right thing to do and it’s therapeutic to my inner most being. –


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