California Craziness


California Craziness

There is no limit to what politics can do to a state. In fact California legislators and regulators take pride in pushing to the ultimate limits and then beyond. When I read that truckers in California are no longer able to renew their vehicle registrations unless it’s an Electric Truck I thought it was absurd. Now with what seems to be presidential backing Californians will soon be unable to purchase new gasoline or diesel powered vehicles anywhere in the state. Only new Electric Vehicles by 2035.

No problem you say, “I have an older vehicle and it runs just fine, so I don’t worry about buying a new one anyway.”

What is to stop these out of control legislators and regulators from expanding their gasoline vehicle ban to ALL MOTOR POWERED VEHICLES – trucks, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, dune buggies, gocarts, lawnmowers, edgers, trimmers, chainsaws, rototillers, farm tractors and equipment?

So what happens when a state known for its rolling blackouts where the power grid is unable to support current electrical demands, is hit by massive millions of NEW EVs plugging in – in your neighborhood?

Remember the cows? They must be plugged as they alone are responsible for greenhouse gases leading to climate change…….. Yah Right!

There are going to be a massive exodus of California residents headed for places like New Mexico and Arizona or Wyoming, Montana and other states with more land per capita than residents. As with every other exodus the crazies will leave too, so they can spread their nonsense to other population centers.

Well my only advice is to stop sending your crazies into local and national politics. There needs to be massive statewide recall elections where votes of no-confidence and expulsion from elected and/or appointed political office is not only expected, but demanded!

More importantly don’t bring your crazy ideas to Colorado, we already have enough and we have guns, grass and enough rocky mountain highness to keep us floating for many years to come! –


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