Conspiring to Commit


Conspiring to Commit

In 2015 what was seen as a publicity stunt to drum up viewers for the television show The Apprentice was when Donald J. Trump came down the golden escalator at Trump Tower and announced to the world he was running for president. Not one person took him seriously or considered that he even had the remotest of possibilities to become President of the United States.

During the RNC debates the field was wide open with sitting members of congress, business leaders and favorites of the Republican Party all vying for their party’s nomination. The host of the first debate asked Governor Huckabee point blank if Trump could beat Hillary Clinton. Without hesitation his reply was everyone on the stage could beat Hillary especially Donald Trump (paraphrased). After the final debate Trump got the Republican nomination and ultimately he did beat Hillary Clinton in the 2020 election in what could be seen as the upset of the century. Liberals were shocked as was Hillary when she called Trump to concede and offer her heartfelt congratulations. However it wasn’t official until after the Electoral College votes were certified and presented to congress on January 6th, 2017.

Trump was now the President-Elect and would be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017 and the insurrection would begin in an attempt to derail the Trump presidency.

It’s ironic and iconic at the same time that President Obama would sit down with President-Elect Trump in the Oval Office and wish him and his presidency the best as the nation would be better, while at the same time Obama began putting the infamous Russian Collusion hoax linked to a fake Dossier funded by the Clinton Foundation and executed by the Obama DOJ/FBI into play. Let that sink in.

When January 20th rolled around, several Democratic members of congress boycotted the inauguration, women’s rights activist led demonstrations filled the mall and with their celebrity led spokespersons shouted obscenities about Trump at television cameras. One celebrity even held up what resembled Trump’s severed head. The resistance movement had begun.

On day one of his presidency, Trump reached out to members of congress concerning issues of importance to him and to Americans across the board. He met with members of congress. When Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi met with President Trump in the Oval Office it was arrogant of Pelosi to tell the president the importance of HER at that meeting.

He urged congress to reform immigration laws, make DACA legal by creating a bill which he would sign and he sought funding to build the wall along the US/Mexican border. These were pretty straight forward actions directly impacting national security but congress resisted and took no action, other than select members went on national television to attack Trump, his family, his administration and belittle his national security, domestic and foreign policies.

There were numerous “leaks” of classified and/or sensitive information coming from current and former members of the White House staff and members of congress to the media, each one designed to undermine the Trump presidency. The Special Counsel Mueller investigation began to “investigate” the Russian Collusion hoax and found no collusion by Trump campaign officials.

It was after the Democrats became the majority in the House that newly appointed (2nd time) House Speaker Pelosi proudly announced the first Impeachment of President Trump over a congratulatory phone call to the president of Ukraine, where he asked the validity of an action claimed by former Vice President Joe Biden during the Obama administration.

Although there were many challenges and successes by Trump and his administration on the international scene, acknowledgement or credit was suppressed by the media at home with more attention given to Trump’s Twitter activity instead.

There seemed to be a marked increase in migrant convoys arriving at the US southern border which slowed when funding and construction of the wall began and an increase in resistance to Trump.

Trump’s meetings with world leaders always sparked controversy and leaked misinformation designed to give the impression that Trump was working for foreign powers somehow found their way as headlines in the media.

After the Mueller Report was released showing no substance and the Impeachment found no credible basis one would think that things would settle down? Not so, the introduction of the Chinese virus on the world stage changed the course of the nation as Trump implemented measures to prevent the virus from coming to the United States and brought corporations, government and medical centers together to mass produce personal protective equipment to meet first a nationwide and then a worldwide shortage.

Then Impeachment #2 was designed to sink Trump and his administration and it too failed miserably.

Next was the election of 2020 which was going well for President Trump as the polls closed on November 4th, 2020. The following morning revealed that everything had changed overnight in a number of swing states where allegations of election tampering with fraud and illegal voting caused the Trump campaign to question the validity/constitutionality of a number of elections. The coup de tat would be at the Capital Building on January 6th where the Electoral College votes would be presented to be rejected or counted.

We have been told that what happened on January 6th was an armed insurrection lead/fueled by President Trump to take down the government. The J6 Committee was formed to search not for the truth of what happened on J6, but to find and confine Trump’s supporters who sought to witness the EC ballots being presented to Congress.

*Note: An insurrection is to take down the duly elected leader of a nation.

How can that duly elected leader take himself down?

**Note: An armed insurrection implies the use of weapons.

The only weapons at the Capital Building were those of law enforcement.

The only casualty was that of an unarmed (retired military police officer) an unthreatening 120 lb. woman.

Of the 400+ “detainees” still being held without bond or access to attorney’s and all are MAGA supporters hunted down weeks and months after the event.

Of the actual “rioters” inside the Capital Building how many were bonded out and released – 100%?

As I stated earlier the insurrection began on January 20th, 2017 and continues 20 months after President Trump left office and to date nobody has been arrested, charged or held accountable for the conspired take down of President Trump.

I’ve only scratched the surface on what has been taking place the past 6+ years in a massive misinformation campaign to bring this nation to its knees. You can’t argue with history. I will not stand idly by and allow our Constitution to be shredded, trampled on or discarded!

The resistance (insurrection) continues!

Are we/YOU Okay with that? –


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