Constitutional Mandate


Constitutional Mandate

There seems to be a bit of confusion over what the Constitution says, at least when it comes to Congress. What we have been seeing are individual members of Congress blatantly going from law maker to law breaker while holding it up as “patriotism” for all to see.

One of the biggest fallacies is when a Senator or Representative has decided in their own mind that THEY ALONE can do a better job as President, than the sitting President of the United States.

Let’s use former Senator/President Barack Obama as our first prime example.

As an 8 year Senator what was his claim to fame – Anyone? I can’t think of anything either. So he decides that he is going to be THE ONE and is elected as POTUS #44.

What is his claim to fame as President – D.A.C.A. (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), an executive order by a President who is miffed that Congress is too slow to act on immigration? Does he not remember he was himself a part of that slowness?

What else is he remembered for – A.C.A. (the Affordable Care Act) or Obamacare, a better way for government to manage/mismanage healthcare so those who don’t have it, can get it – right? What about the mandate on premiums? Or you can keep your healthcare plan and your doctor? How is that working out for you?

Let’s we also have former Senator/Vice-President/President Joe Biden as a second example.

After 37 years as a Senator, 8 years as Obama’s Vice President and now 20 Months as POTUS #46 what is his claim to fame? Besides Obamacare now being called Bidencare; Trumps Wall having been demolished creating an open border situation with unfettered access to the US by immigrants of any nation; Oil Pipeline construction stopped, our US oil reserves being siphoned off to other countries and POTUS begging OPEC for more oil to the US; US involvement in the Afghanistan War stopped dead in its tracks by leaving an entire fully stocked US Air Force Base into the hands of the enemy (Taliban) and US Citizens abandoned in country, with ridiculous mandates for AOC’s Green New Deal (in total), EVs for government and individuals by 2035 without the necessary infrastructure pre-completed and the economy tanking faster than the Titanic – what will he be remembered for?

Then we have Congress as our third example(s), the body mandated under the Constitution to create laws. Yet many of them spend more time breaking laws that already exist, rather than CHANGING or UPDATING LAWS that are outdated or ineffective.

The current 116th Congress is more of a show and tell body, than a real legislative body. They are like puppets on a string, dancing in front of television cameras and touting “look at me, I’m as patriotic as I can be” while chipping away at the very Constitution that mandated their very existence. When the President is not of their party or liking they make a huge production of expressing their displeasure (hatred) of his very being, but when their party has the presidency he can do no wrong (even when he’s seldom right).

My biggest gripe about Congress is how they disrespect and treat the very citizens who sent them to Washington D.C. in the first place. WE THE PEOPLE are relegated to “peasanthood” status which is lower than 2nd class citizens; in fact NON-CITIZEN ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS are treated better by Congress than US Citizens who are law abiding, tax paying, working class or homeless or even Veterans of the Armed Forces of the United States. “Thank you for your service” mean nothing when it comes from your lips as a reflex action like saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes.

Elected/Appointed members of Congress are PUBLIC SERVANTS chosen to serve as our representatives in the overall legislative body. They should be available and responsive to our wants, needs and desires BEFORE their own selfish interests. NEVER should a member of Congress gain financially from serving in their elected office or after leaving office.

Congress should never be seen as a career. There should be no retirement salary or benefits that extend past their term in office. Members of Congress should self-regulate themselves to no more than 2 terms in office and then leave office and become productive citizens once again (assuming they were productive prior). Calling their constituents Deplorables, Lying Dog Faced Pony Soldiers, or worse is conduct unbecoming of an elected (or wannabe) official.

Strip away the title of Congressman, Senator, Representative or Legislator and all you have left is citizen, just like us! (From US you came and to US you return)!

Am I jaded in my perception and portrayal of Congress – you bet I am! –


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