On Trump and Classified Documents

On Trump and Classified Documents

Do you know that the President “while in office” can declassify ANY document by his action of taking possession or handing it to someone else and he doesn’t have to sign any paper or report to any agency or body of government prior! It is constitutional because he alone is the Executive Branch!

The same cannot be said of any other US citizen, government official, current or former member of congress.

There are protocols for handling of classified documents but the president doesn’t have to give an accounting to anyone in government because he doesn’t work for them. That’s why the infinitesimal number of “leaks” during Trump’s administration came from people seeking to make a name for them and to bring down the president. I call that an INSURRECTION!

Remember that democratic accusations are almost always what they are doing but haven’t been held accountable!

I’m not “the” expert on anything but I am however pretty good at seeing through the smoke and mirrors when it comes to attacks on Trump, perpetuated by congressional democrats and their media lackeys. They haven’t changed their tactics one iota.

Why are there no questions about Obama and his handling of classified documents? Where are the investigations of his actions as president by anyone? Can you say DACA?

Many of you hand have bought into the democratic lies and every time Trump’s name comes up you launch into attack mode.

I don’t buy into it!

I’ve been accused of being consumed with Trump. I tell you I’m consumed with countering the mountain of garbage coming out of the press being fed by democratic members of congress.

Tell them to stop and I’ll stop, okay?

Remember turn in your guns and the bad guys will lay down their guns when they see nobody else has any?

(Loosely paraphrased democratic logic)

When I state something it’s not to make it political, but it is to counter political attacks that have no basis.

  • Where is the list of documents Trump was reported to have single handedly carried from the White House to Florida without a single law enforcement agent putting up so much as a fuss?
  • Where is the list of documents searched?
  • Where is the list of documents recovered by the FBI SWAT team/task force?
  • Where is the list of documents placed in classified storage by the FBI?

I could go on and on and on…. Just saying

Congress has spent 4 years trying to get Trump out of office and the past 2 years searching for a way to prevent him from running again. I still call that INSURRECTION! Think of all they could have accomplished had congress focused their efforts on making this country better instead of getting Trump by any means necessary?

I’m going out on a limb when I say that Americans are to blame for the state of the union by continually electing self-serving politicians who line their own pockets financially while creating more ways to enslave low income and “middle class” Americans through the lure of FREE, FREE, FREE! –


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