Hijacked by Socialist Agenda

candace owen

8 March 2018

Hijacked by Socialist Agenda

It’s time for reflection on what has happened to the Democratic Party of 2018. I have not “poll” results, no scientific study, not even a under the table, behind the door secret note from Hillary, Chucky or Nancy and company, however I have eyes, ears, and a brain that is really good at figuring things out (just a bit slower than a few years ago).

I was beginning to think that Democrats as a whole were totally fooled into believing all the garbage being spewed by those Democratic congressional leaders, until today. I realize that there is a new breed of Democrats coming out of the haze, and these are smart, intelligent thinkers who see thru the smoke and mirrors.

Once such person is Candace Owen a knowledgeable and outspoken supporter of the NRA AND a Democrat who appeared on Fox News and explained why she, a young black woman) joined and supports the NRA. To date there have not been ANY young Democratic voters pushing thru the fog and I see this young woman as a soon to be rising star of the Democratic Party. I’m hopeful that where she comes from there will be more smart, informed and self-educated young voters from either political party stepping forward to steer America back on course.


The future of our nation is upon us. We who value freedom must teach our children and grandchildren what integrity, honor and respect really mean. We must show by example that there is more to life than movies and video games.

Historically the Democratic Party represented working class Americans and the words of John F. Kennedy, “Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country” defined the Democratic Party of yesteryear.

Today the Democratic Party have enabled a huge percentage of American citizens to become enslaved thru handouts, free stuff and no need to work because the government will “take care of you”.

The Democratic Party has been redefined as the Welfare Party, and inner city families have become their poster children.

America we must return to our roots with a firm belief in God, not politicians, entertainers or athletics.

The potential of America is limited only by our willingness to surrender our constitutional rights to the rights of others.

There are many in the Republican Party who bought into the Welfare Party state and it’s up to our bright, young leaders of tomorrow to “Man Up” and leave party politics behind.

Together Americans who are strong in the Lord, in their God given abilities to stand firm on their convictions and determination will make America great again.

This I believe. – I am the Real Truckmaster


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