It’s About Money, Right?



13 March 2018

It’s About Money, Right?

I promised myself I’d take a break from writing about the leftist agenda as attacks President Trump and his administration and I almost made it.

Recently on 60 Minutes, Leslie Stahl “interviewed” Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. Several times it was blatantly obvious the direction was slanted sharply left.

There were clips showing school students being disrespectful and openly defiant to the person charged by the president to oversee and implement much needed change within the Department of Education. What stood out was how these students, many of whom do not have enough brain cells active enough to formulate the hateful rhetoric being spewed during her school visits around the nation, without being coached and prodded by “teachers” (I use that title loosely in this instance), who are afraid of losing the power they hold over students in the classroom.

This was followed up by a really stupid question, one a national syndicated host should know better than to ask. It was intended to put Secretary DeVos on the spot, “Why are you the most hated cabinet member of the Trump administration?”

Later in the program came the bombshell about Secretary DeVos growing up rich and marrying richer and that she is the richest member of the Trump administration. How is that relevant to the job she is doing with or without the support of American educators?

My immediate thought came to mind – How rich are members of congress?

How many of them went into politics poor, but are now worth $$ millions?

How many “professional” politicians are working for free? Who has been or now is donating their salary toward anything besides personal investments to become even richer?

In the Bible we are told that the “love of money” is the root of all evil and one can see that in today’s political climate and in society across the board.

Well I didn’t watch the rest of the 60 Minutes program because it was so apparent that Leslie Stahl had been given the “green light” to go after Secretary DeVos, and that my friends is a shame.

I have chosen once again to not give any time to 60 Minutes until Secretary DeVos is given a public apology and a real “interview” is given without the leftist slant.

We have politicians who are in the financial pocket of some serious players, and their conduct is disgusting and distasteful, yet they are virtually invisible, as the political climate is “hunting” for non-existent collusion between the Russians and the Trump Campaign, while finding NO COLLUSION between the Russians and the Clinton Campaign (yet saying nothing about Collusion between the Russians and the Obama Administration – Uranium One!!). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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