Valentines Day Massacre – The Aftermath Continues


10 March 2018

Valentine’s Day Massacre – The Aftermath Continues


Tomorrow will be the 30 day “anniversary” of the tragedy at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Parkland, Florida.

This incident could have very well been prevented had the State of Florida and Broward County officials not been focused on Federal and State monies over the lives of students.

All the warning signs were there, Federal and local law enforcement notified, school board aware yet steps were NOT taken to insure the safety of the students and teachers of MSDHS.

Reportedly video surveillance show the soon to be shooter carrying a duffle bag into the school unchallenged while law enforcement officials tied the hands of the officers on scene by directing them to stand down, unless they were wearing the non-issued body cameras. The chain reaction of that order prevented Emergency Medical Personnel from access to injured students and teachers, because law enforcement could not secure the scene.

We have heard all the excuses, listened to all the hype about gun control and as of today, not one word about holding accountable the officials who were just a culpable as the shooter, Nikolas Cruz. Even the shooter is being touted as a victim, of a failed system.

I’m not a rocket scientist, nor am I the brightest light bulb in the box, BUT I know that this entire scenario could and should have been prevented by following established protocol even BEFORE the incident took place.

Deliberately ignoring the law for the purpose of gaining school district funding is criminal.

Conspiring to defraud federal and state governments by willful non-enforcement of the law(s) and for money must be investigated and those parties involved must be prosecuted and held accountable!

The aftermath is even worse when students who are constantly given misinformation, then are being organized and provided transportation by local school boards and encouraged to “demand” the government to step in and remove any of the rights guaranteed in the constitution, is not “freedom of peaceful assembly”, it becomes a mob action.

Education must start with parents, and followed up in school with teachers who are charged with the responsibility to present teaching material to our children illustrating and enforcing the difference between right and wrong; actions and consequences; responsibility and self control.

It has been said by teachers (and I agree) that students must begin by making a difference in their schools, looking for students who are being ignored or bullied and become friends and mentors and standing against the bullies; friendship and acceptance by others is important and all lives matter. Loneliness leads to depression and contributes to mental illness and circumstances can lead to more school violence.

When schools restrict students from exercising their freedom of religion to gather and pray on school grounds or at sporting events, but encourage them to get involved in some leftist political agenda, it’s time to step in and take immediate corrective action.

It is not the job of teachers or school boards to politicize students, but to educate them on real life subject matter, which must include defining politics, discussing the pros and cons and explaining the makeup, history and purpose of various political parties without showing partiality toward or against any of them.

One must realize that the demonstrators and protesters of the 1960’s and 1970’s are the school principals or professors of today’s colleges and universities. Their political bias has permeated much of the educational world today.

What is taught today will be learned by our future leaders of tomorrow. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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