When Marching is Just Marching



When Marching is Just Marching

During the past year we in America have witnessed violence, personal attacks and even murder. There have been rioting, vandalism and public displays of outrage over the most mundane things. Acts of violence spurred a number of massive group marches in response to real and perceived wrongs against society.

Police have been involved in shootings of individuals involved or suspected of being involved in auto theft, burglary, assaults against police officers or private citizens. Many of these shootings should never have happened. They most likely wouldn’t have happened if the individual would have simply obeyed the verbal commands of the police officers. Better yet, if the person had not attempted the criminal act that resulted in a police response.

It seems to be a new norm for someone to see something they want, and take it just because they think they will get away with it, or if caught will be out of jail in a few hours, free to do it again. What happened to personal responsibility?

Programs like “Cops” or “Live PD” are fed constantly from the behavior of stupid criminals. Too often they are young people of color who are under the influence and do things normal people wouldn’t do. I’ve laughed as some young saggy pants kid attempts to run from police, only to trip himself up; or the guy who’s stopped for driving erratic and after being pulled over is asked if he’s has any unlawful substance on his person, and his response of “No officer”, and he’s surprised because he is being arrested for the “joint” on his ear.

We’ve seen the recent “Women’s March” happened, with the vulgar and obscene signs, pictures and that “cute” little pink hat. This was a spontaneous march where women could voice their disdain for sexual exploitation of women. Yet their behavior was worse than the behavior they denounced.

There was the “March for Life” that protested the murder of babies in the womb by entities such as Planned Parenthood. It was orderly, the signs were straightforward to stop abortion, and the pictures were of actual babies, some of which had been aborted, Unsightly? Yes, but when is murder condoned and considered normal?

The recent “March for Your Lives” was said to be another spontaneous series of events, organized and led by high school students exercising their first amendment rights, while clearly calling for the removal of other peoples second amendment rights of gun ownership.

These nationwide events were clearly demonstrative of the forces, groups and money behind and controlling the message expressed at each event, while suppressing opposing views, even by students who survived the Parkland school shooting.

Let us not forget marches in support of the men, women and children who are referred to as DACA (Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals). Their biggest fear is deportation and leaving their jobs, friends and families behind. This issue has divided the nation over the fact that “they are law abiding illegal’s” because they have lived good productive lives here, and their only error was coming here illegally.

Need I say more? What has prevented these individuals from applying for citizenship thru channels in the US or going back to their home countries and applying for entry into the US properly? Living here, working without paying taxes or being on welfare or government assistance is not productive to the American way of life, or following our Rule of Law.

Lastly marching, protesting or “resisting” the President of the United States because you don’t like him or what he has done in the past is just plain dumb.

It is the right of every American to vote in the election.

It is then the responsibility of every American to support our elected officials as they perform the duties of their office whether you like the individual or not.

It is the right of every American to vote in the next election.

We have elected officials who organize in such a manner that they fan the flames of racism and seek to divide and conquer the nation, for their own personal gain.

It is the responsibility of every American to vote those individuals out of office and replace them with solid, responsible and patriot Americans or watch the nation decline.

So my question is this, when is marching just marching? When is raising your voice just that, raising your voice? Looking back at the diversity of the protest marches during the past year, what has been accomplished?

I’m serious, what has happened to change the behavior of the criminals who behave badly?

What has changed in the policing of America?

What has changed in the sexual exploitation of women?

What has changed in the gun violence perpetuated on school children?

What has changed in America that makes American’s safer in large and small cities nationwide?

Have national or state legislatures passed more laws protecting American citizens?

Have law enforcement tightened down on enforcing new and existing laws to stop the violence?

Have criminals changed their minds and become upstanding law abiding citizens?

In many cases the answer is a resounding “NO”!

If the March or “cause” you participated in or follow online has not produced any positive effects or changes in our society, it is simply a “walk in the park”.

Be sure to think things thru and plan for real and positive changes to happen as a result of your efforts. If you want to see changes in schools across the nation, don’t boycott or resist the Secretary of Education when she comes to your school. Welcome her and listen to what she has to say, maybe, just maybe she has a plan to make your school better? It’s possible that she may hear a tip or suggestion from you that can be applied to other schools?

If school violence is truly your concern, what are you doing to prevent acts of bullying or assaults on students? Do you look for the new kid sitting without any friends, or the one eating alone, or standing aside quietly watching? Have you stepped up to say hi, introduce yourself and welcome him?

What about the kid being bullied in the schoolyard, hallway or road to or from school?  Do you laugh and watch or do you step in and stop it? Everyone can make a difference, but have you?

Evil knows no bounds and is not constrained by laws or ordinances which define prohibit or restrict them. Placing a lock on a door keeps people out and simply slows down the person who decides to enter anyway.

Are you marching to somebody else’s music or do you have your own tune?

If you are not the solution, you may be the problem! – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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