America First or Not At All



America First or Not At All

That seems to be the predominant train of thought with today’s politicians. Is it Patriotism or Nationalism?

How many American’s get up in the morning and decide today I’m going to take a new approach to life? Today I’m going to look for ways to disrespect my family and friends. Today I’m going to the store to spend the most money on the worst products, goods and services.

Today I’m going to make my family last on my list of priorities. How long do you think that would last? How long before your family members would come to you and ask just what do you think you’re doing? What about your friends? How long before you wouldn’t have any friends left? How long before your bank account would be at a negative balance? Maybe then the bank would feel sorry for you and add money to your account for no reason?

We have had a host of politicians who have gone out upon the world stage to trash the United States of America. Traditionally in the United Nations our representatives have tried to blend in when it comes to difficult decisions, especially when it pertains to America’s allies such as Israel. America has simply not wanted to “rock the boat”.

Our national leaders have openly expressed to the world that the United States of America has been a “Bad Boy” when it comes to defending our allies and our interests abroad, and we are sorry and will not do that again. I’m surprised that the Stars and Stripes have not been replaced by the “Rainbow” flag.

America has been in a transitional state of flux. We have eliminated God from our nation. We have legalized the killing of the innocent through abortion, while lambasting other “third world nations” for the genocide they commit.

Abortion is our national disgrace before Almighty God.

It is in America’s interest for our national leaders to place AMERICA FIRST. When they succeed, America succeeds. America is a nation of immigrants from virtually every other country in the world. They come here to safely raise their families and to live the American Dream. America is truly blessed by these hard working men and women.

Entry into America is not a guarantee, it is a privilege. Those who apply must pass rigid background checks and demonstrate their commitment to assimilate into and become productive members of American society or they must show justification for obtaining refugee status from their country of origin. Failing to meet the entry standards they should return to their country of origin or apply elsewhere.

America has a self-image problem. Many American’s think they are better than anyone else. Some Americans literally and figuratively hate this country and everything it stands for and cannot bear to see our nation succeed.

I have a solution or recommendation:

American citizens who are ashamed of being in America should leave. I mean they should renounce their US Citizenship and leave permanently, never to return again.

Politicians who run for and are elected to political official are sworn into office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Once they decide not to obey that oath they should be removed from office and barred from holding an elected office ever again. Those who choose to disavow allegiance to the United States should renounce their citizenship and seek refuge in another country where they will be welcomed with open arms.

Politicians who commit treasonous acts against the United States should be tried and convicted for treason.

Patriotism is not synonymous with Nationalism.

American patriotism is love for the United States and for what it stands – the Land of the Free. Arms opened wide in acceptance of those who truly want to become enmeshed into the fabric of American society. There is no other system of government like it on the earth.

Nationalism is placing a country above every other country and blindly following the dictates of a country’s leader while racially, socially and economically dividing and eliminating those who are just not “good enough”, as was done in Nazi Germany during World War II. Nationalism is walking on the backs of others who are under total control of the government.

American politics has two predominant political parties. The Democrat Party which today identifies with fascist and communist ideologies of people like Saul Alinsky and others who feel that individuals are just not “smart enough” to handle their own affairs. In their view only the government can take care of individual families and businesses. According to the Democrat Party America is a failing nation and needs the government to provide “Free Stuff” like food, shelter, education and medical at no cost to everyone. The costs will be paid for by hard working Americans and successful businesses who will incur heavy tax penalties or fines.

The Republican Party of today is the party of the working class people. They are realists who know that less government and lower taxes which mean better and a more productive economy. They encourage common sense and innovation. Medical must be affordable to enable families to obtain necessary treatment. Education must be accessible for all, and must prepare students with real world job skills.

There is no perfect political party.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to look at what’s going on across the nation and in the media.

President Trump has placed America First, at home and abroad. His administration represents the United States and reinforces his agenda and American foreign policy.

American’s must return to the belief in Almighty God as the reason this nation was formed.

American’s must teach and model respect for ourselves and for others.

American’s must come together as one, it’s called Patriotism.

American’s must place America First. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

School Shootings vs Gun Control



School Shootings vs Gun Control

In the past few days and weeks things have gotten crazy. Our children are not safe in schools, our government is not providing guidance to change the environment in the schools, and our constitution and our second amendment are under attack.

I decided to do a bit of research to determine what is happening in our schools and what can be done about it. I have taken a look at the basic facts on school shootings since early 2015. What I find is alarming.

We need to do a major relook at how our schools are protecting our children. We need to find ways to get ahead of the learning curve on school safety. Let’s look at a couple of things America is already doing. We secure our airports, military bases and even our prisons with common sense and simple procedures that could very easily be implemented in our schools.

  • Enclose our schools and playgrounds with security fencing (walls), using a single point of entry equipped with stationary metal detectors.
  • Equip our schools with trained and armed school security personnel (resource officers) who are either on duty or retired law enforcement, prior service military personnel or in some cases teachers who are trained and certified in fire arm safety.
  • Enforce dress codes and see thru security back packs.
  • Look closer at school bullying and conduct education and counseling when appropriate.
  • Equip classrooms with low cost security tools to stop an intruder.
  • Adopt active shooter drills and instruct teachers and staff on proper active shooter drill procedures and actual active shooter reactive actions.

This list is not all inclusive, but gives one a sense of what can be implemented immediately, and over a short period of time.

In my research I excluded institutes of higher learning (colleges and universities) as these institutions are comprised of adults and carries totally different school responsibilities.

Over this 3 year period (2015 – 2018) there have been 38 school shootings (4 – 2015; 14 – 2016; 7 – 2017; & 14 – 2018), with only 2 Mass school shootings both in 2018. In most cases the shooters are between 12 and 18 years of age, well below the age limit for lawful gun ownership. Some cases involved bringing a firearm to school and either showing it off or using it to settle a score. Where the shooter was over 19 years of age involving domestic violence finding its way onto the school campus or at after hour’s extracurricular events

The first mass school shooting was the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL on February 14, 2018 where 19 year old Nickolas Cruz walked into the school he had been expelled from carrying a semiautomatic rifle. After activating the fire alarm he began shooting, in the end he killed 17 people and wounded 14 others. Then as students began exiting the school he simply walked out and away without being stopped or questioned. He was later arrested by Coral Springs Police.

What was apparent was that the Broward County Sheriff’s deputy assigned to the school as a resource officer simply stood outside the school until the shooting stopped, as did other sheriff’s deputies who arrived on scene. Because they had not secured the scene they prevented EMS personnel and other first responders from entering the school to provide aid to the wounded and dying.

What became clear in the aftermath was when a signed contract surfaced between the Parkland School Board, the Broward County Sheriff’s office and the Florida Attorney General’s office where students who committed crimes in the county would not be charged in order to maintain the flow of state and federal school grant funds into the school district.

Immediately there was a cry out beginning with Parkland and echoed across the nation in the media and among the leftist Democrats about Gun Control and subsequent confiscation of guns from lawful gun owners and against the National Rifle Association (NRA) inferring they are behind the gun violence.

That is like having a newly licensed driver go on the road and when involved in a traffic accident. Investigators uncover the newly licensed driver recently completed driver education training, so the cry goes out to ban all driver education courses nationwide. Doesn’t make sense does it?

My research has discovered that the second Mass school shooting was on May 18th, 2018 at the Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas where 17 year old student Dimitrios Pagourtzis walked into the school carrying a concealed shotgun and a handgun and after activating the fire alarm began shooting in the arts department killing 10 and injuring another 10 before being placed into custody by one of the school resource officers. The other resource officer was shot while engaging the student and counted among the 10 injured. A teacher was among the dead.

What is strikingly similar in both Mass shootings was that the shooter walked into the Parkland school without raising suspicion while carrying a large duffle type bag to conceal his weapons. One shooter walked into Santa Fe while wearing a trench coat to conceal his weapons in 90+ degree weather.

An interesting side note was reported in Santa Fe that 3 months ago the school received a threat about a mass school shooting. Although nothing happened the school practiced emergency drills with an active shooter scenario. The fact that both shooters activated the fire alarms indicating to the students it was just another fire drill, whereby the shooters simply selected their targets of opportunity.

A major difference in this second Mass school shooting was that school resource officers reacted immediately and ran toward the shooting to engage the shooter at the risk of their own lives, something not seen at Parkland. Once again the cry goes out to ban weapons and blame is placed on the NRA and on President Trump for not doing enough after Parkland.

Of the other 37 school shooting incidents some schools had resource officers who engaged and neutralized the shooters, many others did not and only one school recommending the introducing and use of stationary metal detectors.

There is a lot of talk about legislating “assault weapons” when in fact assault weapons were banned some time ago.

There is talk about legislative changes speeding up the process for background checks. Speeding up background checks is not the answer either.

School shooters have largely been minors who don’t have jobs that would allow them to spend hundreds of dollars on legal gun purchases. Often they have obtained their weapons by way of other crimes (larceny and robbery). And legislating gun control aimed at stopping them from obtaining firearms is really dumb.

I think instead of demonizing the NRA, one should work out a plan of gun safety classes beginning in middle school and educating our children about safe handling of many types of weapons as we did in schools not that long ago.

Identifying and counseling students who are involved in school bullying can also go a long way to help both the bully and the victim. Self-defense classes are a great way of building up self-confidence and enhancing self-esteem.

We need educators, law enforcement personnel and legislators who can think “outside the box” and find creative ways to make schools safe and child safety a priority (not just words).

Just remember if you are not the solution, you are the problem! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

So You Hate President Donald J. Trump (Updated)

trump image


So You Hate President Donald J. Trump

I get it, you despise Trump. You detest everything he stands for. You don’t like his smile, or his “fake” hair or his fortune, his fame or his having his own airplane. You don’t like his family (his kids or his famous model wife).

For you it’s personal. You’re a registered voter and nobody is going to tell you who you can or cannot vote for, right? Even though you’re a life-long diehard Republican you didn’t vote for him. I said I get it.

If you’re a diehard Democrat and you wouldn’t go against party. Your best option to keep things the same was with Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was a real woman running for president and her shot at it was stolen by all those Republican voters. Did I get it right?

Well if Barry had been able to run again everything would have been all right. The world would have feared us and Donald Trump would still be on the Apprentice and not even an afterthought. Isn’t that the way you see it?

Well the election of 2016 happened and the world fell apart. Donald Trump is a nothing burger who is going to get us into World War Three. Trump’s war on undocumented aliens is uncalled for, and that stupid wall is unnecessary and a waste of money that Mexico was supposed to pay for right? Trump is trying to stop refugees from the Middle East who are fleeing from oppression and want to come here to live the American dream.

The statue of liberty stands for the right of EVERYONE to come here if they want to, right? We welcome everyone to come to the land of liberty and share in the bounty of America, and Trump is denying their RIGHT to be here!

Don’t forget Trump’s treatment of women. He made fun of and called her “Crooked” Hillary. He even called a sitting member of Congress “Low IQ” Maxine. He looks on women with lustful eyes. His attitude about women demeans them and he views them as sexual toys (i.e. Stormy Daniels) or property, right? We must not overlook the fact that Trump hates blacks and thinks they are animals. What about Hispanics? Trump employees them in his properties and exploits them to make a profit. Trump must think pretty lowly of Asians too, because he called one of their leaders “Little Rocket Man” and has waged a tariff war on the Chinese and even with our allies in Europe.

But the biggest reason of all that you hate Trump is that he acts like he’s a Christian and even prays from the Oval Office. What a hypocrite! He lies every time he opens his mouth. There’s no way that God would allow a man like Trump to ruin our country. No way should Trump be president. Does that about sum it up?

Wait, what about his lack of military service. During the Vietnam War wasn’t Trump kept out of the military for bone spurs, so he could make millions? Now he isn’t fit to become Commander in Chief.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, Hollywood doesn’t like Trump. California hates him too. The mainstream media has his number and makes sure that everyone knows exactly what’s going on with the president. And the Democrats around the nation have organized into a giant community action group to resist anything Trump says or does.

Trump’s legacy is going to be that he tried dismantling the legacy of Barack Obama and all that the Democrats have worked to achieve for YOU the American citizens!

I’ve tried to sum up all the reasons I’ve heard as to why patriotic Americans like to hate President Donald J. Trump, so if I’ve missed a few – I’m sorry. I’ll do better next time.

I don’t speak for anyone else but myself when I say this, “I voted for Donald J. Trump”.

It’s been well over a year and “I still support Donald J. Trump”.

I didn’t vote for a “Sissy” to replace one in the White House. I didn’t want another politician who would say things to get elected so that it would be business as usual in Washington.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here. I did not take Donald J. Trump as a serious candidate. I didn’t think that with the huge field of candidates on the Republican Party ticket, that Trump would be the last man standing when the smoke cleared at the GOP.

That being said, I know that no other candidate, once elected could have held up to the scrutiny and misinformation war that the extreme left has conducted against an elected and sitting President of the United States.

Other presidents have been treated poorly during their administration and one was impeached because he fired his Secretary of War, so it’s no big shock that the left cries impeachment because President Trump fired members of his White House Staff or replaced Cabinet members, at his discretion.

Let me address many of your concerns about Donald J. Trump.

I’m not from New York and don’t know very much about him other than what I’ve seen on TV or read about online. I have read and heard that many have expressed issues with him and his personality. He’s too cocky, too self-righteous, too sure of himself and he attacks anyone who disagrees with him. I’d have to agree that Donald Trump has a personality that either draws you too him nor away from him. Those who know him well know that failure is not an option with him. That’s not to say he hasn’t failed because he has failed and miserably at times. Getting knocked down in the business world means Donald Trump gets back up and back into the game more determined than before.

This much I know that Donald Trump is a scrapper. Anyone who followed his conduct in military school knows that he took up boxing and took a liking to it. He most likely had no trouble holding his own on the street or in the business world where confrontation is a way of doing business and he has been quite successful amassing a fortune in his real estate and construction dealings.

For most of his adult life Donald Trump has been a self-made man with fortune that would make your head spin. Admittedly he has been a womanizer and as a younger man was often seen with a beautiful woman on each arm. That sort of comes with the territory for a man of means. Money can’t buy everything, but it can buy a lot, if the price is right.

Donald Trump is a man who failed in his first marriage, but didn’t let that stop him from teaching his children from an early age what it means to have a good work ethic and keep their word. His current marriage is a great one and he treats her like the queen she is, his queen and our First Lady.

There have been several attacks on the character of Donald Trump. What we’ve seen over the past year are attacks the like of which have fallen lesser men. The problem with these accusations of sexual misconduct comes with the timing and manor of each one. Women have been paid to come forward and publicly accuse the president of sexual misconduct from a time during his past where it “fit” the narrative of the so called victim. It matters not whether true or not, it simply came forward as a diversion to offset and discredit the president and his efforts at keeping his campaign promises.

The pushback from Congress has been spearheaded by vocal Democrat members of the Congressional Black Caucus and taken up by the media and spontaneous public demonstrations which are in fact organized and paid public riots designed to divide the nation away from the president and his agenda.

There is still leaks and acts of subversion which tend to undermine the president, and cause public outcry and I’ll be if you ask the participants why they are participating they will spiel the Democrat Party mantra to “Impeach Trump, He’s a Liar”.

If you look at how Donald Trump treats women, include his wife, daughters and daughters-in-laws then take a look at the “glass ceiling” that has been broken by the Trump Administration by placing women in key White House Staff and Cabinet positions. These are not simply women, but educated, competent women who are a force to be reasoned within the administration. Donald Trump does not hate women, of any color, heritage or background, nor does he discriminate against them.

Donald Trump says what he means and means what he says. He does not tolerate substandard performance in those around him or in his administration. His business model for government is no different than for his corporation. Competence moves up, incompetence gets dropped, only with government it’s more difficult to just let someone go based on substandard performance.

For those who are stuck on his lack of military service as a reason he shouldn’t be Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces I ask you to consider this.

Of presidents since World War II name a president

  • Who served in the military during WWII?
  • Who served in the military during the Korean War?
  • Who served in the military (active or guard) during the Vietnam War?
  • Who was drafted and decided to dodge the draft and flee to Europe?
  • Who went to school as a foreign student, but did not serve in the US military?

During the presidential campaign of 2016 how many candidates running for President had previously served in the military? One candidate married a draft dodger, who was later pardoned by a president that never served in the military. So your objections on military service don’t hold water.

I personally know of individuals who tried dodging the draft during the Vietnam War by joining the National Guard and they along with their NG unit were deployed to Vietnam. I know individuals who tried enlisting but were medically classified as unfit for military service. And I along with many others avoided the draft by enlisting in the military during the Vietnam War and made a career of our service.

Every day President Trump fights against the actions of the extreme left in order to fulfill the campaign promises he made to ME. He has fought to dismantle Obamacare; get my country out of unfair trade agreements; create a climate of change which brings American businesses back to America; Creates jobs where more Americans are working again; Changing the climate of the state welfare system, encouraging recipients to go to work instead; Securing our southern border; Strengthening our Armed Forces; Supporting Law Enforcement; even moved our Embassy to Jerusalem (as other presidents have promised in the past); while leveling the playing field between other nations and placing America first.

What I see is President Donald J. Trump doing exactly what I sent him to do in Washington – Drain the Swamp and Make America Great Again with the help of Almighty God, to whom nothing is impossible.

I give thanks to God for a warrior president who can stay focused on what is important to America. I am the Real Truckmaster!




When we serve it is with honor and integrity placing others before ourselves. We take the “Oath” seriously and when one of our own fails to realize that oath we are among the first to speak out. This may be hard for some to take but Veterans tend to hold other Veterans accountable especially when they are in public service. We don’t always agree. We have a number of Veterans serving as mayors, governors, representatives, senators and cabinet level positions. We have so many Veterans who have served and with honor, while others not so much.

I’m going to address two prominent Veterans who have served both honorably in the armed forces and as United States Senators and/or cabinet level positions where their public service has been tainted and not in the interests of nation or the Constitution.

Senator John McCain is a former officer in the United States Navy, a Vietnam Veteran and a former POW. During the 2012 election John McCain ran for president and I voted and supported him wholeheartedly. In recent years what I have noticed is that when it comes to legislation or presidential appointments John McCain, a Republican, has forsaken his political roots and with blatant disregard for the Constitution has sided multiple times with the leftist Democrats is openly resistance to President Trump. It is time for long time Senator John McCain to resign and return to Arizona where he can live out his days as a private citizen.

I don’t expect politicians to vote for the sake of a party line vote. What I want are politicians who are taking care of American and representing the constituents who voted them in. I do expect that personal differences should not place an unnecessary burden on the nation. That’s another reason for term limits. Anyone who spends his “career” in congress has been there too long. They taste the power and often let it go to their head as they amass a huge amount of wealth “serving the people”. That is not even close to the definition of public service.

Secretary John Kerry is a former officer in the United States Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. After leaving military service John Kerry publicly protested against the Vietnam War and in effect against the very men and women who continued to serve honorably in the War. John Kerry, a Democrat, became a US Senator and ran for President. John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s Secretary of State and brokered the failed Iran Deal that President Trump recently withdrew the US out of. After leaving public service John Kerry blatantly and without regard for the Constitution, went behind the scenes and openly conducted shadow diplomacy, advising representatives of an enemy state to disregard any demands or statements from the President of the United States, because President Trump wouldn’t be in office much longer. If that is not treason I don’t know what is! It’s time for the FBI to arrest John Kerry for violation of the Logan Act and let him spend his days looking out from the windows of a place like GITMO!

Officers in the military are often referred to as Officers and Gentlemen, but in my opinion, these two are not the examples of either term. They have tasted absolute power and as it has been written absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In the military people mess up, and those who do are often faced with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Those who mess up big time are often dishonorably discharged from the military and lose many of the benefits of having performed honorable military service.

When a public servant messes up the voters can often voice their displeasure at the voting booth. When members of congress (House or Senate) openly obstruct, resist or impede the President of the United States and do so without cause other than the fact that the president’s last name is Trump, they are disgracing the office they hold, and to the people who placed them in office.

When public servants violates federal law and disregard the very basis for federal law our law of the land which is the Constitution it is imperative that prompt and swift action be taken by the Attorney General and the Department of Justice agencies. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

A “Dentist” in the White House

dentisttrump image


A “Dentist” in the White House

If you’re like me you hate going to the dentist. Maybe it’s because of the pain or that “drilling” sound when he starts getting to work. Sticker shock sets in when you check out at the front desk and are handed the bill. The pleasant thing is now the pain is gone and you hurry to get away. In my opinion President Trump is likened to a dentist. Nobody likes the dentist, but everyone can appreciate and see the results of his work.

Donald Trump is someone you either love or your hate. His personality, his mannerisms and his seemingly blatant self-infatuation turn a lot of people off and that’s OK.  During the campaign Trump made a number of campaign promises. They are like a list hanging on his refrigerator which he has been systematically checking them off:

  • Stopping DACA – Check
  • Pulling out of TPP – Check
  • Tax Reform – Check
  • Incentives for corporations to stay in the US – Check
  • Fair Trade Agreements with foreign countries – Check
  • Build up our military – Check (working on it)
  • Support Law Enforcement – Check
  • Secure our borders – Check
  • Stimulus Bill – Check
  • Build the Wall – Check (working on it)
  • Mexico paying for the Wall – (It will happen)
  • Obamacare – (working on it)
  • Improving Public Education – (working on it)
  • Rebuilding infrastructure – (working on it)
  • Increasing US Oil Production – (working on it)
  • Decreasing US Dependence on foreign oil production – (working on it)
  • Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal – Check
  • Returning unspent stimulus money to taxpayers – (working on it)
  • Return of American political prisoners from North Korea – Check

We like to think that President Trump is dismantling President Obama’s legacy piece by piece, but in reality it is taking bad governmental decisions and replacing them with better business decisions.

Barack Obama was a good and experienced community organizer, and in the Oval Office he continued organizing. In fact he seemed to exploit the constitutional powers of the Executive Office and when Congress did not follow his lead, he would “rule” by Executive Order, stating he had the power of the pen. Many of those decisions were simply bad decisions and were bad for America.

Using what I call “Chicago” politics, America was being changed into a massive welfare state, where the poor and disadvantaged were encouraged to get on welfare, food stamps and given “free stuff” that would satisfy their wants, but keep them dependent on government.

Donald Trump has been a good and highly successful businessman, and in the Oval Office he continues to think thru situations as either good for America or bad for America. He has placed “America First” as his mantra, and his desire is to “Make America Great Again”.

The pushback has been immediate and intensive by the liberal left, and by the media. There has been an extensive miss-information campaign which has focused on past or non-existent deeds while ignoring presidential accomplishments.

Have you noticed that the left focuses on sexual “bomb” announcements as a means of stirring up American voters and attempting to shift the focus away from what is really important to America?

This tact normally works on politicians who are involved in unethical and illegal behavior. They become political fodder and simply fade away.

Since Donald Trump is not your typical politician, nor is he involved in unethical or illegal behavior, he simply “reminds” America almost on a daily basis of what is being done and what should be the proper focus of the national media. Just like with the dentist everyone talks trash about him but rarely gives credit to that wonderful smile he worked to create.

Many think the decisions made by Donald Trump are rash or un-thought out. I say not so. His decision process includes gathering information, talking to those who are subject matter experts, and quite a bit of behind the scenes consideration. But when he announces to the world or to the nation his intentions he has already considered many options and has focused on one specific solution. We’ve seen this on the recent stimulus bill and on the Iran Deal, where he possibly waited until announcing his decision before actually deciding.

What I see in President Donald Trump is someone who is not afraid to make those tough decisions and stands behind that decision. America needs this “dentist” more than they need a political baby kisser who promises the moon in order to get the votes, but fails to deliver! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

California Gun Control and Other Matters

Calex 2017


California Gun Control and Other Matters

California leads the nation down the path to insanity.

It has become obvious that the democratic citizens of California need a reality check.

The natural beauty of the state, bordering the Pacific Ocean is no match for the mindless bullying of a democratically controlled state legislature and a democratic governor.

Sanctuary state and city status has not helped the citizens of California, but has openly invited undocumented and illegal aliens, including MS-13 gang members into the state.

The recent legalization of marijuana was looked simply as a way to increase the states bankrupt coffers.

California has recently passed a number of state “laws” which attempt to control corporate savings from federal tax reform and add that to the state treasury.

The sale of Bibles in California is now illegal.

The ownership of assault weapons by private individuals is now illegal and on the verge of mandatory surrender of automatic weapons or face confiscation, fines and prison time for refusal to comply.

A proposal to prohibit the manufacture of these “weapons of war” is being pushed by members of a California democratic legislature who fail to consider that the weapon of choice for gang members and other bad guys has been the AK-47 which is not manufactured or purchased legally in the United States or in California. It would appear that thinking through legislative proposals to logical conclusions has never been considered?

The push for CALEXIT (California succession from the United States) if adopted will leave Californians with absolutely no recourse for regaining common sense in state government, as the sought after “Republic of California” will leave the citizens standing high and dry as a legally high and lawless society.

It is time for conservatives to become politically active in an effort to replace illogical politicians at the ballot boxes across the state, and across the nation. Get away from “party-line thinking”, and look at what is good for America and its citizens.

The one thing that separates the United States from EVERY OTHER COUNTRY in the world is our Constitution that separates the powers of government and protects the rights of our citizens. This document was based upon the principles set forth in the Bible and the notion that all men are created equal by and before God whom we place our trust. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


The Caravan Has Arrived at Tijuana, Mexico

the caravan


Breaking News

The Caravan Has Arrived at Tijuana, Mexico

Many have watched the special documentary on TV where migrants have crossed Mexico riding on top of trains bound for Mexican border towns near the US border. It’s heart breaking to know that once they arrive at the border they do not have any legal documentation allowing them entry into the United States. Many will pay guides “Coyotes” to get them safely across the border without being detected by US Border Patrol agents, and often will be abandoned in the desert to “find their way” without food or water.

We have seen humanitarian minded people staging food and bottled water in desert oasis’ to be found by those who have crossed illegally. This has been going on for a number of years until now it has been called a pilgrimage like the one to Mecca.

In the news today thousands of migrants traveling from Honduras have arrived at Tijuana, Mexico with the intent to “crossover” into the United States and claim asylum from gang violence and persecution by the Honduran government.

It has also been reported that at least two lawyers from California based organizations have entered Mexico with the intent to give advice and inform the migrants of their “rights” under US law, and possibly how to evade or answer when questioned as to why they should be given asylum. These lawyers may in the course of their labor be in fact breaking the law by their actions.

The Department of Homeland Security has been instructed by President Trump not to let these hordes of people crossover into the United States. There stands the dilemma. What to do? Let them in or keep them out?

Let us pause for a moment. Much of the civil unrest and persecution of Honduran civilians has come from the MS-13 gangs. They attack, intimidate and kill forcing their way on these unprotected people. So naturally the people are trying to get away from the gangs and raise their families safely elsewhere. That’s what families do, they adapt and survive, even if it means moving to a foreign land. The Honduran government (police and army) are unable to bring these gangs under control, even though they arrest and imprison hundreds of MS-13 gang members in Honduras.

What we are seeing in the United States are MS-13 gangs operating as they have in Honduras preying on the very people who’ve sought to get way from the violence. As our law enforcement gang units are increasing the pressure and taking down the MS-13 and other gangs, just recently MS-13 has instructed their members to begin assassinating police officers like they’ve done in Honduras.

You might ask, “How did these MS-13 gangs get here?” There is no easy answer, but many have come in disguised as migrants fleeing oppression in their home country Honduras. Others came in under DACA. Still others came across with the coyotes, and made their way north and settling in migrant communities across the country, to begin their reign of terror here in the United States.

Here is a bit of trivia. What countries are between Honduras and the United States? How did these migrants make it to the US border without being challenged, stopped or detained at the borders of El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize or Mexico?

Have you or anyone you know driven from the US thru Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica to Panama? Did you or they have any problems by just waving at the border guards and cross without having travel documents (passports and Identification) checked thoroughly and often exchange money for the “privilege of passing thru those border gates? I think not.

So how did these migrants fleeing for their lives without any type of documentation make it so far in their quest for freedom?

Why did these migrants not settle in any one of the countries they passed thru? They speak the same language, maybe variation in dialects, but Spanish is a universal language of many North, Central and South American countries.

Why did the governments of these 5 or 6 Central American countries not step in and render aid and assistance in providing a safe refuge for these persons?

Lastly, although many people from many nations around the world want to come to the United States and live out the American dream, it is not their “Right” to come here. For those who cross the border illegally, it is not their “Right” to be allowed to stay here, unless they apply for legal immigration status or asylum in accordance with US law.

Being allowed into the United States is a privilege that is afforded to a select few individuals who can demonstrate their ability to become productive US citizens in the process which vets them with a thorough criminal background check and/or investigation to insure they are who and what they claim to be.

It is the responsibility of the United States Government to secure the borders, regulate and enforce immigration laws and to detain and prevent the unlawful intrusion into the United States.

When members of the United States Congress fail to make comprehensive changes to immigration laws, it is not their constitutional right or responsibility to attempt to prevent any government agency from enforcing the laws of the United States.

It is up to the American people to not let the false narratives and fake news stories to invoke sympathetic feelings of guilt when it comes to immigration.

When someone enters into the United States properly they are responsible for following our nation’s laws and to insure they maintain a legal immigration status or US citizenship. Failure to do so may entail fines, imprisonment and/or deportation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!