Have They No Honor?




It is me or doesn’t anyone else think it’s a play for attention for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) after 2 years deciding to sue the Russians, The Trump Campaign, Wikileaks and anyone else for hacking into their computers to affect the outcome of the 2016 election?

It wouldn’t be so bad had not Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (Then head of the DNC organization) employed the two Middle Eastern brothers and the spouse of one the brothers as “I.T.” guru’s without necessary security clearances and given full access to the DNC computer “network”.

PLUS, these same I.T. guys were also employed part time by a host of Democratic Representatives and Democratic Senators with the same level of clearance on who knows what other government servers with full access to classified documents.

They were a full, in your face, frontal assault on the national security of this nation

The “employment” of these three foreign nationals was quickly terminated (after how many years) when they were found out and physically removed.

So now we have Representative Keith Ellison a top leadership official of the DNC and current member of the Congressional Black Caucus and their team of “lawyers” taking a blind stab at recouping desperately needed funding for the DNC in the form of a kind of blackmail or extortion while glossing over the deeply flawed organizational leadership of the Democratic National Committee.

Am I making sense?

Today I heard a spokesman of the DNC say something about, “because the lack of leadership [referring to President Trump] they were taking another route (whatever that means) to get their agenda thru. [Very loosely paraphrased]

Isn’t that what President Obama did with DACA?

Isn’t that what congress did with Obamacare?

Every time politicians circumvent the Constitution to bring change, are they not chipping away at the sovereignty of our nation?

We have the CBC and the DNC doing wild and crazy things while calling it “resisting” the current sitting president and his administration. They have in their corner Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein (to name a few), plus some scared out of their wits RINOs, backed by the CBC who are orchestrating this gross miscarriage of justice to continue.

They use the bully tactics of Chicago-era street thugs and make a mockery of our legislative process. Have they no honor?

It is time to bring these tactics to a halt.

The American people must exercise their constitutional right to cast their ballot and return honor to the American Legislative Process. It’s not Democrats or Republicans, it Americans returning common sense to the legislative branch of government! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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