Get On The Trump Train



Get On The Trump Train

Those who know me also know up front that I’m a flag waving, patriotic supporter of President Donald J. Trump. I’ve not always been proud of the way he’s done things early on during the campaign. His brash, in your face New York talk is not how I would talk, but then again I’m not Donald Trump.

I am proud of his accomplishments thus far:

  • He began dismantling the Affordable Care Act, yet there is much more to be done there.
  • He challenged congress to fix the unconstitutional Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals executive order of Barack Obama called DACA before the act expired.
  • He appointed constitutionalist Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court.
  • He began filling his administration with subject matter experts, men and women of substance.
  • He began building “the wall” along our southern border with Mexico.
  • He has pledged to put America First in discussions, treaties or trade with foreign nations.
  • He began a process that has brought jobs to Americans.
  • He has begun a tax reduction plan that benefits thousands of Americans.
  • He has begun draining “the swamp”.
  • He has begun to return the heart of America back to our creator – God Almighty.

During the dry spell of the prior 8 years Christian believers in America began asking God to intervene and give us a president we could believe in, a man who was fearless, determined, focused, and loved God. That is exactly what we got with Donald Trump.

I know many people cringe when they hear the name Donald Trump and God in the same sentence. But that’s ok. I did too very early on in the campaign. It’s been said that America wanted smooth talking leader who would preach the gospel of peace and that everything would be alright. Well the last time we had a president who was a Sunday school preacher was Jimmy Carter. That didn’t work too well for a nation who was kicking God out of everyday life, even back then.

I firmly believe that God heard the prayers of His people and he answered. God also knew money and power breed corruption. “The love of money is the root of all evil.” – 1 Timothy 6:10

Because the heart of man is continually evil God knew the leader he would raise up would have to be strong in character, be used to having money and power, but have a love for God buried so deep within that it would be invisible and impossible to detect. God wanted a warrior leader. A man not deterred by obstacles or adverse talk. God wanted Donald J. Trump.

I know you’re saying bah humbug, not true, not true! I say you’re wrong.

Since announcing his candidacy for the presidency who has withstood attacks from all the naysayers and who have become the focus of personal, character and political attacks from the left and the right? – Donald Trump

Since the inauguration, who has been blamed for ALL the ills of mankind? – Donald Trump

Who is responsible for calling illegal immigrants illegal? – Donald Trump

When the weather changes, who gets the blame? – Donald Trump

This I can tell you about President Donald J. Trump – He’s doing exactly what I voted for him to do!

Secure our borders (build the wall); change our government; Bring safety to ALL Americans! Fix what’s wrong in America and Make America Great Again!

It’s high time for Americans to get on board the Trump train, or get run over by it.

Be not deceived. It is not Donald Trump who will singlehandedly save America.

But Donald Trump submitted to and faithfully serving Almighty God. – Nothing is impossible for God.

I urge you to read “The Faith of Donald J. Trump, a Spiritual Biography.” By David Brody and Scott Lamb

God Bless America! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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