The Donald J. Trump and Stormy Daniels Controversy



The Donald J. Trump and Stormy Daniels Controversy

Porn star “Stormy Daniels” (not her real name) allegedly had sex with Donald J. Trump in 2006 and she allegedly carried on an affair with him so she could get on the TV show “The Apprentice” in 2011 and did so while he was married to his present day spouse. If this doesn’t turn into a New York Times best seller and go straight to film America and the world will miss out on a really good tale (pun intended).

Donald Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen initiated a non-disclosure agreement between his client and the porn star, then borrowed money on his line of credit and paid the porn star to seal the deal and keep it out of the media. When Donald Trump found out about the $130,000 payment from his lawyer to the porn star he promptly reimbursed his lawyer without admitting guilt. This has the makings of a really bad book don’t you think?

It gets even better because the billionaire real estate developer and TV producer beat Hillary Clinton and became the 45th President of the United States in 2016.

So doesn’t the timing seem odd to anyone else but me? The “Russian Collusion” investigation has been dragging on without merit and all of a sudden the focus of the news media and the investigators shifts to a porn star who decided that the non-disclosure agreement didn’t hold water and broke the news publicly to embarrass and disgrace the sitting president?

She then followed up with a law suit because the president tarnished her name in a tweet? I venture to say that her name, her stage name got real popular real fast because of her trying to capitalize on what she does best – sell sex. She seems to think that she’s all that and a bag of chips. Not!

As we used to say, “That’s all water under the bridge”, meaning “the cat’s out of the bag” and you can’t easily put it back in or pretend it never happened.

When President Donald J. Trump said he was going to drain the swamp people laughed. Especially the swamp creatures in the DC establishment and I’m sure that the pushback was expected because while everyone is playing off a checker board, President Trump is playing chess and has been thinking 8 or more steps ahead.

Looking back at what Donald trump was doing before deciding to run for president, he was doing exactly what he had been doing his whole life. He had the fame and fortune and many have attempted to capitalize on him for their own personal gain. So why not Stormy Daniels, she has what it takes right?

During this turbulent time in the life of Donald Trump it seems that God saw a man with determination and all the success of the world and smiled. That’s right God smiled (my words, ok) because Donald Trump loved God, but didn’t know God.

The world is spinning out of control and in the United States we were on the fast track to destruction and Christians were humbling themselves and praying for God to intervene.

God answered our prayers when he put into the heart of Donald J. Trump that the time was now to run for president. God didn’t pick Donald Trump because of his wealth, his fame or his notoriety, no God chose him because of his availability and his obedience when God called.

The rest of the story is history and it comes as no surprise that the timing of this “skeleton” jumping out of Donald Trump’s closet is just as the Russian Collusion seems to be running its course.

American should not allow themselves to be disillusioned by the alleged actions of then Donald J. Trump, but focus on the actions of the President we elected to bring order to a government gone wild.

Christians are familiar with the story of Saul, a zealous man who hunted down followers of The Way. In Saul’s opinion they were making a mockery of religion by claiming to be followers of Jesus who claimed to be the Christ. Saul hunted down these first century Christians to have them imprisoned and killed. Saul was blinded by God on the road to Damascus and was asked why he was hunting those who followed after God?  Saul was changed that day and God renamed him Paul to signify his rebirth and his purpose became that of spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. Paul wrote several books of the Bible and suffered greatly for his faith.

God did not choose Donald J. Trump for his “greatness” because only God is great all the time! God saw the potential of a heart submitted to him. Donald Trump loved God but did not know God, yet Got chose him for such a time as this. Donald Trump is a warrior President, needed at this time to right the ship of state and get it back on course to becoming the shining city on the hill once again.

We care not about the past goings on of private citizen Donald Trump, but care about the present day actions of President Donald J. Trump, the man we elected to lead this nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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