The Not-Trumps




I was asked “when will this madness stop” and my answer is not while they are still in congress. Immediately my mind raced to one of the goofy TV commercials where potential home buyers are inside their new home with people peering in the window. When asked who are they? The real estate agent in the commercial called them the “Not You’s”. You got here before the “Not You’s”.

What we see is Trump doing what he promised in the campaign something he called “Winning” and in the media are a bunch of “Not-Trumps” lurking in the shadows criticizing, secretly wishing they had said or done that. Then I realize it’s the swamp giving up its creatures, one by one.

I am beginning to sense a change in the minds and attitudes of everyday citizens, as well as members of congress and even entertainers who can no longer hang back with the “Never Trumpers” as it is no longer “Cool”. The song, “True Colors” starts flowing thru my mind………

Remember when the president referred someone as “Rocket Man” and the public outcry poured out seemingly from everywhere?

Today the president praises the release of 3 Americans held illegally by the “Rocket Man” regime in North Korea for doing the right thing in releasing them, and the fake outcry pours out once more, such hypocrisy.

Remember when not too long back President Trump was instrumental in getting 3 American basketball “stars” out of custody in China and back to the United States. A comment by the president wondering if he would get even a thank you brought a huge backlash. The players then thanked the president publicly, but later re-canted saying they were forced to do it by school officials. Not so surprising for thieves who were caught by Chinese security on cameras, and thought it was no big deal.

It’s wrong for the president, but OK for congress? Come on give me a break! It’s time for a number of members of congress to climb down off their sanctimonious high horses, turn in their good old boys and girls membership cards and go back home with their heads between their tails.

We have young men and women of color speaking out against the idiotic bullying of the democrats who say they betray their race by speaking out. Not so. They are standing up as Americans by refusing to be bullied or coerced into “towing” the party line. Good for them!

When congress stands up FOR America, everybody wins. The nonsense of past political bullies must be brought to an end. Common sense is on the way back in.

Now what America needs is a new breed of politician. Men and Women, who will defend, honor and protect the Constitution of the United States of America; who will truly represent their constituents and the American way of life. America needs men and women to teach our past to future generations of Americans. America is not black or white; democrat or republican; rich or poor. America is you and me doing our part to “Keep America Great”. We are not there yet, but we are working on a safer, secure and peaceful America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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