Free Thinking is not Free Nor is it Thinking



Free Thinking is not Free Nor is it Thinking

I’ve been coming to terms with something that is very hard to grasp. In the American political system the nation has been divided into two main groups and they are not political parties. These groups are simply ideas that have taken hold in the minds of Americans.

The first group are those who deep down in their heart have decided to honor Almighty God and seek to do good to/for others without any thought of any type of payback. They place God above themselves in all they do. Their goal in life is to insure that other people are taken care of. You can see this in the lives of members of the military, law enforcement, medical personnel and first responders. It truly is not about themselves or what they will get out of it.

The second group is that of free thinkers, they are the ones who make conscious decisions in everything they do to insure that it’s worth it to them personally. They are known as takers, people who are always taking from others, but never giving back. Their goal is to get as much out of life as you can. You can see them in law school graduates who take their diploma and go out to find opportunities for monitory gain and many times it is at the expense of others. You can see this in the form of the typical used car salesman. When you step foot on the car lot he or she zeroes in on you faster than a mosquito at the beach, or a shark in the water. They can spot a sucker from a mile away. What I’m saying is that Free Thinking isn’t Free, nor is it Thinking.

When it comes to Congress I venture to say that every outburst, every press briefing, every single thing seen by the public (and that which goes unseen) are calculated and pre-planned for maximum effect.

I saw something today that I thought I would never see in my life time Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-NY spoke out in support of President Donald J. Trump’s decision to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem. He has supported legislation for many years to make that happen, and is glad to see President Trump do it.

Now that was a conscious decision on the part of Senator Schumer. It didn’t have to be pried out of him, and it didn’t hurt one bit. So why do we not see that more often, instead of the “resist, resist, insist that we resist” mentality?

We have a growing number of legislators who are growing bold enough to stand up and say “I support President Trump” in this instance.

What I see in the near future, as the 2018 special and mid-term elections arrive, are a growing number of newcomers in Congress (Democrat and Republican) who can see thru the smoke and mirrors of the current democrat strategy and will take a stand for good old fashioned common sense.

The failed Free Thinking strategies of the California, Minnesota and New York Democrats will soon fall apart as American voters decided they’ve had enough.

The current Congress has a dilemma with the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) pushing their blatantly racist rhetoric and agenda for racial division in America. This organization, operational since 1971 in the House of Representatives, has single handedly hijacked the Democratic Party and placed it on a trajectory for a fascist, a communistic, and a racist downfall. America has had enough. In order for a society to remain free it must be strong and it must respect its people.

I’m not saying that everyone marches lock step to the drum of politicians. America cannot be saved by a man or men without the help and guidance of Almighty God. America must now examine its soul and decide whether the past 240+ years have been worth the sacrifices made by our brothers and sisters in this struggle we call Freedom? Have we arrived? Not hardly, but we’re getting closer.

When we as a nation decide to stop the infighting and begin to pull together with a single purpose and unity to seek the help of Almighty God we will make it because – Nothing is Impossible for God! I am the Real Truckmaster!

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