When we serve it is with honor and integrity placing others before ourselves. We take the “Oath” seriously and when one of our own fails to realize that oath we are among the first to speak out. This may be hard for some to take but Veterans tend to hold other Veterans accountable especially when they are in public service. We don’t always agree. We have a number of Veterans serving as mayors, governors, representatives, senators and cabinet level positions. We have so many Veterans who have served and with honor, while others not so much.

I’m going to address two prominent Veterans who have served both honorably in the armed forces and as United States Senators and/or cabinet level positions where their public service has been tainted and not in the interests of nation or the Constitution.

Senator John McCain is a former officer in the United States Navy, a Vietnam Veteran and a former POW. During the 2012 election John McCain ran for president and I voted and supported him wholeheartedly. In recent years what I have noticed is that when it comes to legislation or presidential appointments John McCain, a Republican, has forsaken his political roots and with blatant disregard for the Constitution has sided multiple times with the leftist Democrats is openly resistance to President Trump. It is time for long time Senator John McCain to resign and return to Arizona where he can live out his days as a private citizen.

I don’t expect politicians to vote for the sake of a party line vote. What I want are politicians who are taking care of American and representing the constituents who voted them in. I do expect that personal differences should not place an unnecessary burden on the nation. That’s another reason for term limits. Anyone who spends his “career” in congress has been there too long. They taste the power and often let it go to their head as they amass a huge amount of wealth “serving the people”. That is not even close to the definition of public service.

Secretary John Kerry is a former officer in the United States Navy and a Vietnam Veteran. After leaving military service John Kerry publicly protested against the Vietnam War and in effect against the very men and women who continued to serve honorably in the War. John Kerry, a Democrat, became a US Senator and ran for President. John Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as President Obama’s Secretary of State and brokered the failed Iran Deal that President Trump recently withdrew the US out of. After leaving public service John Kerry blatantly and without regard for the Constitution, went behind the scenes and openly conducted shadow diplomacy, advising representatives of an enemy state to disregard any demands or statements from the President of the United States, because President Trump wouldn’t be in office much longer. If that is not treason I don’t know what is! It’s time for the FBI to arrest John Kerry for violation of the Logan Act and let him spend his days looking out from the windows of a place like GITMO!

Officers in the military are often referred to as Officers and Gentlemen, but in my opinion, these two are not the examples of either term. They have tasted absolute power and as it has been written absolute power corrupts absolutely.

In the military people mess up, and those who do are often faced with violations of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Those who mess up big time are often dishonorably discharged from the military and lose many of the benefits of having performed honorable military service.

When a public servant messes up the voters can often voice their displeasure at the voting booth. When members of congress (House or Senate) openly obstruct, resist or impede the President of the United States and do so without cause other than the fact that the president’s last name is Trump, they are disgracing the office they hold, and to the people who placed them in office.

When public servants violates federal law and disregard the very basis for federal law our law of the land which is the Constitution it is imperative that prompt and swift action be taken by the Attorney General and the Department of Justice agencies. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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