America First or Not At All



America First or Not At All

That seems to be the predominant train of thought with today’s politicians. Is it Patriotism or Nationalism?

How many American’s get up in the morning and decide today I’m going to take a new approach to life? Today I’m going to look for ways to disrespect my family and friends. Today I’m going to the store to spend the most money on the worst products, goods and services.

Today I’m going to make my family last on my list of priorities. How long do you think that would last? How long before your family members would come to you and ask just what do you think you’re doing? What about your friends? How long before you wouldn’t have any friends left? How long before your bank account would be at a negative balance? Maybe then the bank would feel sorry for you and add money to your account for no reason?

We have had a host of politicians who have gone out upon the world stage to trash the United States of America. Traditionally in the United Nations our representatives have tried to blend in when it comes to difficult decisions, especially when it pertains to America’s allies such as Israel. America has simply not wanted to “rock the boat”.

Our national leaders have openly expressed to the world that the United States of America has been a “Bad Boy” when it comes to defending our allies and our interests abroad, and we are sorry and will not do that again. I’m surprised that the Stars and Stripes have not been replaced by the “Rainbow” flag.

America has been in a transitional state of flux. We have eliminated God from our nation. We have legalized the killing of the innocent through abortion, while lambasting other “third world nations” for the genocide they commit.

Abortion is our national disgrace before Almighty God.

It is in America’s interest for our national leaders to place AMERICA FIRST. When they succeed, America succeeds. America is a nation of immigrants from virtually every other country in the world. They come here to safely raise their families and to live the American Dream. America is truly blessed by these hard working men and women.

Entry into America is not a guarantee, it is a privilege. Those who apply must pass rigid background checks and demonstrate their commitment to assimilate into and become productive members of American society or they must show justification for obtaining refugee status from their country of origin. Failing to meet the entry standards they should return to their country of origin or apply elsewhere.

America has a self-image problem. Many American’s think they are better than anyone else. Some Americans literally and figuratively hate this country and everything it stands for and cannot bear to see our nation succeed.

I have a solution or recommendation:

American citizens who are ashamed of being in America should leave. I mean they should renounce their US Citizenship and leave permanently, never to return again.

Politicians who run for and are elected to political official are sworn into office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Once they decide not to obey that oath they should be removed from office and barred from holding an elected office ever again. Those who choose to disavow allegiance to the United States should renounce their citizenship and seek refuge in another country where they will be welcomed with open arms.

Politicians who commit treasonous acts against the United States should be tried and convicted for treason.

Patriotism is not synonymous with Nationalism.

American patriotism is love for the United States and for what it stands – the Land of the Free. Arms opened wide in acceptance of those who truly want to become enmeshed into the fabric of American society. There is no other system of government like it on the earth.

Nationalism is placing a country above every other country and blindly following the dictates of a country’s leader while racially, socially and economically dividing and eliminating those who are just not “good enough”, as was done in Nazi Germany during World War II. Nationalism is walking on the backs of others who are under total control of the government.

American politics has two predominant political parties. The Democrat Party which today identifies with fascist and communist ideologies of people like Saul Alinsky and others who feel that individuals are just not “smart enough” to handle their own affairs. In their view only the government can take care of individual families and businesses. According to the Democrat Party America is a failing nation and needs the government to provide “Free Stuff” like food, shelter, education and medical at no cost to everyone. The costs will be paid for by hard working Americans and successful businesses who will incur heavy tax penalties or fines.

The Republican Party of today is the party of the working class people. They are realists who know that less government and lower taxes which mean better and a more productive economy. They encourage common sense and innovation. Medical must be affordable to enable families to obtain necessary treatment. Education must be accessible for all, and must prepare students with real world job skills.

There is no perfect political party.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to look at what’s going on across the nation and in the media.

President Trump has placed America First, at home and abroad. His administration represents the United States and reinforces his agenda and American foreign policy.

American’s must return to the belief in Almighty God as the reason this nation was formed.

American’s must teach and model respect for ourselves and for others.

American’s must come together as one, it’s called Patriotism.

American’s must place America First. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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