The Deep State Within The FBI



The Deep State Within The FBI

A recent article by Nick Arama touches a deeply worrisome problem within the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which I’m sure parallels other federal agencies, the deep state within.

If true the question becomes how to deal with the deep state actors in law enforcement that then could be caught up in the RICO act? In that case who polices the police? Is it the infamous TV version of the “Internal Affairs” or another agency, say the CIA?

I’ve heard congressmen state that congress created the “agency” and has constitutional oversight. Yet as the article suggests a weak congress casts no fear into the FBI.

What about the presidential executive order on terminating federal workers who un-perform their jobs?

Can the president appoint a “super-cop” as director of the FBI, who has the insight AND the intestinal fortitude to weed out and arrest those deep state actors? How would one go about doing a global sting operation on the FBI, without the “rats” escaping?

Another question is how to vet agents to determine their status?

It has been noted that the “word” has come down to “button up” or face reprisals for career, family and friends. Not an idol threat to agents who’ve stepped forward under the Obama administration.

So how to severe the head of the snake, extract the bad apples and return the FBI to the premier law enforcement agency it once was?

One consideration is the Obama “headquarters” located near the White House, suspected nerve center of deep state. How is it established, organized and able to communicate and to whom do they report?

Deep state agents simply wait out elected and appointed officials, and continue to act with impunity using the same tactics of the Chicago mobsters of yesteryear.

The government of the people, by the people is doing it to the people without the average American citizen realizing that our government has been and is now under siege from within. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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