America Was Never Great



America Was Never Great

This is what some on the left want us to believe that America was never great. Those are quite possibly the same people who grew up thinking, “It’ll be great to get away from home when I turn 18”. They go through life complaining about rules and are rebellious and angry while being forced to follow them.

I was never an angry, rebellious kid growing up (ask my brothers). In fact most of the time I followed the rules and being the eldest of four boys I made up my own and insured they all followed them.

When I graduated from high school I moved out. Went to stay with my best friend, after his entire place was perfect; his mom was great; his older sister was fantastic and his family lived on a dairy farm. His dad’s main problem wasn’t with me, but with one of my younger brothers – John.

You may ask why did he have a problem with John and the answer was simple. Every time he called me out on something I did that he thought wasn’t the smartest old Charlie would say, “John are you one of those “Flower Children” from California?” I’d say no and he’s say, “John you must be because you’re a blooming idiot, putting ketchup on eggs and pancakes.” That was in 1967 and Charlie was from California before he moved his family to Idaho.

Kids today who are in such a hurry to get out of the house and away from mom and dad’s rules should go into the military. If they are successful in completing basic training and on through their enlistment will have learned what great is and they will have learned to appreciate the rules mom and dad had at home. They will look back and say, “Home was great.” Or they will grow up to be the people who say “America was never great.”

Try going to a country where you have to live among a culture that is totally foreign and the “rules” have serious consequences if not followed correctly and by their standards. See if driving at breakneck speeds on the autobahn in Germany where there is no set speed limit (or so it seems).

What about Japan where the streets are kept clean, no trash blowing anywhere, where everyone wears a uniform (suit and tie or an actual uniform) including the street sweepers. Guns are not allowed but then doesn’t everyone know kung fu?

Go to the Kingdom of Thailand where everyone is in hurry, yet nobody wears a watch or pays much attention to time. The food is so different and often you know not what you’re eating. Try moving around or not paying attention when the national anthem plays or the television begins daily coverage of the King and Royal Family.

What about Panama where everyone doesn’t even speak pure Spanish or Caribbean English, just a combination of the two.

It matters not so much where you go around the world, but when you approach a military installation or American Embassy, great is how you feel upon seeing the stars and stripes blowing in the wind at the top of the flag pole.

After a recent trip abroad with one of my grandsons where we spent a month overseas, after we landed at the Houston International Airport. While walking to Customs and Immigration he remarked, “At least now they speak English.” He stopped to order something to eat and the fast food workers all spoke Spanish, and he still had a hard time communicating with them.

The point I’m trying to make is nothing is great until you’ve lost it for a period, and then regained it again. It is that way with “Freedom.” Freedom isn’t free and often times cost the very lives of those we charge with defending it.

For those who say, “America was never great” I challenge you to look around. The world has been changing for quite some time and this idea we call America began over 240+ years. It is the best and only type of government in existence to date.

Show me any other country on earth where you have basic human rights enshrined in the Constitution in the form of Amendments allowing you to voice your opinion over a variety of topics without fear of retribution or imprisonment. A country where you can voice your displeasure of the government without being fearful of being locked up without even being charged with a crime. Where else can you start up a business or work toward living the American dream. Even education is available, providing you are willing to work for it. One of the most important rights in our society isn’t the right to voice your opinion, or right to protect yourself, no it’s the right to remain silent.

If you’re not willing to work for a better America, then maybe you should try doing something elsewhere, in another country. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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