President Trump Gives Kim Jong Un a Pass – “All Cattle no Hat!”



President Trump Gives Kim Jong Un a Pass

“All Cattle no Hat!”

This article is for all my friends who are still attacking President Trump and at the risk of ending our long and esteemed friendships I must ask – “Are you serious?”

What makes you think that because KJU met with Trump that he is no less or no more the same dictator he was before the meeting? More importantly how do you figure he “got a pass”? Did you not watch the summit? Not even a little?

Seriously my civilian and military buddies I thought you had more on the ball than that, but your statement baffles me and I seriously disagree. Your reasoning is only highlighted by Senator Chuck Schumer’s screwing up an old Texas saying by calling Trump “All cattle and no hat”. Ha Ha Ha!

So let me remind you that when Trump called KJU “Rocketman”, he was attacked by the left and the right for “getting us into a war with North Korea”, right? Then when Trump called KJU honorable for agreeing to meet in Singapore, he was attacked again for calling the terrible dictator honorable, right? When Trump cancelled the Singapore summit he was attacked still again for not keeping his word or worse. When Trump agreed once again to meet KJU in Singapore he was attacked for changing his mind or whatever the left could think of for agreeing one more time to meet.

Now after the summit where KJU was told (twice by Secretary Pompao prior to the summit) by Trump that Total, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization was the only option and once it was completed could lead to lessoning or removal of sanctions and normalizing relations between North Korea and the rest of the outside world is somehow “giving him a pass”, right?

No my friends the summit in Singapore was showing both the stick and the carrot. There was no “pass” given here. In fact the stick included current military training exercises with South Korea, in the face of North Korea which could very easily be used as punitive action if needed. The carrot is Singapore and what North Korea has missed out on becoming over their years of isolationism.

So tell me again how this is considered a pass? I’ll go one further, tell me since the end of Korean War hostilities and since President Truman, when was the last time an American president talked to the leader of the DPRK – About anything? I’m still waiting for an answer? – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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