Rampant Misinformation versus the Truth



Rampant Misinformation versus the Truth

Today it becomes harder and harder to see through the smoke and past the mirrors of misinformation to find the truth in any matter big or small. What we see on TV, in the news outlets or on the internet is not even close to reporting what has and is happening.

Oh you hear from the left and from the right, but what you hear is clearly debatable. A politician speaks and the left reports “this”, while the right reports “that”, and the public goes “What”? Then to make matters even worse ask someone about it, based on their mood, feelings or hunger pains you will get at least one or two “opinions” about everything. (You are still reading this, Right?)

What I encourage everyone to do is treat information as with a grain of salt, not too much, or not too little. You can often find out real quick who your real friends are by the feedback you receive on subjects you discuss. Sheep don’t fare well when walking past hungry lions.

The old saying, “You can’t sour with eagles if you’re hanging around with turkeys”.

The hottest news today has to do with the Attorney General’s Inspector General’s Report on the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal. You might disagree and say it’s with immigration and the kids, or its North Korea and nuclear weapons, or its tariffs. It depends on what the media places emphasis.

I say it’s the IG Report because the information being covered involved national security, proper protocol for handling classified material and at a time of a national election and within the DOJ’s major investigative agency the FBI and senior level management and key investigative agents.

There is the AG IG Report that is 568 pages and is available to download and/or read online. It contains a lot of legal babble, but information that clearly shows a certain level of mismanagement or missteps by government officials at various levels.

Also there are the Congressional Oversight Committee hearings going on in Washington, where legislators are able to question the AG IG over his report. You will hear a lot of names and finger pointing, but nothing changes the report, only ones perception of it.

Lastly there is media coverage, not much really as the media has chosen to focus on any number of the above mention issues, rather than this seemingly boring hearing about something that happened way back in 2016.

So I suggest that if you are interested in what’s in the report, you download it for free, or wait until it becomes a best seller on Amazon or another publishing outlet. It’s better to muddle through the report at your leisure, then digest what you have read and in the end draw your own conclusions (I’m up to page 34).

Continue to make yourself aware of what is going on in our nation and in the world, because what you knew yesterday may not be true today. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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