Trekking North America



Trekking North America

How many folks grab their gear and begin trekking across North America? Doesn’t that sound exciting? Have you thought about walking from Hometown USA to say Panama City, Panama? What about driving? What if MS-13 or the Cartel was hot on your tail? What if they held your hand? What if……?

What kinds of images are conjured up by merely suggesting this kind of journey? A few years back I was stationed in the Panama Canal Zone. I was talking to a neighbor, who had family make the trip south in their RV, pulling a jeep.

If I remember correctly they were stopped at every border crossing and forced to bribe their way from country to country, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and finally Panama. At one border the border police wanted to charge a “tax” on their spare tire and extra gasoline can full of gas. Refusing to pay the fee, the Gringos simply poured the gasoline out all over the tire and light it on fire. No more “tax” and the angry border police reluctantly let them continue on their journey.

One of the hazards was sleeping in the RV on the road. They were awakened in the middle of the night by someone rocking the RV or attempting to access the little sky light vent in the roof. Banditos ravaged their pour jeep and stripped what they could before being chased off. This was on the way down to Panama. I can’t imagine their return trip back to the states.

You might be saying, nice story but why does it matter anyway (sound familiar)?

Think of the immigrants originating from Africa, South America and various countries in Central America. Immigrants with children; single mothers; brothers and sisters; grade schoolers and middle school age children deciding on their own to leave home, their families and everything familiar and head north to “America”, actually to the United States of America.

This is a journey which is unfathomable to Americans here, but often a necessity if your life or the lives of your family are threatened. The will to live, to survive will drive you to do the unthinkable. The distance from Panama, Central America to Juarez, Texas is just over 51 hours DRIVING.

These families who flee their homeland for their very lives for fear of persecution are now refugees seeking asylum. My heart is broken for them, as the journey ahead is more than 3 months long. It is no walk in the park.

According to international law the first country they enter must give them asylum when they flee. So with 5 countries between Panama and the USA, why are they not given asylum, but given a pass to traverse these nations on their quest north?

Now in each country there is an American Embassy or Consulate where real refugees can go to seek asylum. Why do they not go there? Think about the adults, children, & infants traveling with just the clothes on their backs, and quite possibly a small back with essentials or mementos from family and home. Where do they get water to sustain themselves, food to eat, or other costs? Many if not all must pay the Coyote an exorbitant amount of money PER PERSON for the opportunity to try.

There are drug cartels and gang members posing as “family” for children, and many times they have been deported multiple times from the USA, so they know the ropes, yet with children they cannot be stopped or detained at the border? Come on now, what kind of sense does that make?

The entire “Flow of Migrants” is designed to flood the border with enough refugees that the INS will be forced to “catch and release”. This is what is happening now.

Contrary to what is being flouted in the media, Congress has the power to make laws. Once laws are created and passed in both the House and Senate the President has the power to sign or veto and Congress can override a Presidential veto.

What has been proposed in the Congress for more than 20 years is an “eVerify” system that will create a database of immigrants entering the United States. Liberal members of Congress have repeatedly shot this method down or refused funding for the program.

Other nations worldwide already use an eVerify process, you must stand in front of a camera, place your forefinger in the scanner and your information appears. Then you are either admitted or locked up.

In fact we use it for immigrants entering and citizens returning by air to the USA. You must have documentation in the form of a passport AND picture ID (state or federally issued). Try skipping this step at the international concourse and try doing so WITHOUT documentation. It doesn’t work.

So why do we collect immigrants without documentation along our southern border, house and feed them and buy them new clothes when they show up wanting into the United States?

Maybe what we need built into the wall are a series of “Walkup Windows” with a kiosk where immigrants and refugees (same thing) can select their language, enter their personal data, and press ENTER so that after processing (internal whirring of the computer) a green or red light will come on that says either “ENTRÉE” or “NO ENTRÉE”. Problem solved. Immigrants are on Mexico soil and the Mexican government can care, feed and shelter them, or transport them back across the border with Guatemala.

There is no reason for the debacle that is occurring on our southern border with immigration and/or amnesty “hearings”.

Build the wall. Stop the flow of people and drugs from crossing illegally (unlawfully). – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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