The Swamp Just Got Bigger


The Swamp Just Got Bigger

This morning the liberal left and both democrats and republicans were berating President Trump for tearing families apart, locking up children and prosecuting parents, unthinkable they said, disgraceful they said.

President Trump took that message to heart and signed an executive order giving Congress an opportunity to change immigration laws to prevent family separation. Good job Mr. President they said – NOT.

In fact before the ink had dried on the executive order liberal democrats were crying foul. That’s not enough, you can’t incarcerate entire families forever they said, you must let them go they said.

President Trump declares that “zero tolerance” will continue and illegal entry will not be allowed. The media continues to blitz a false narrative, of numerous and massive concentration camps reminiscent of the Nazis of WWII Germany, all over the news, chastising President Trump and his administration for dastardly deeds and major misdemeanors.

The legislators in both the House and in the Senate have drafted multiple bills which will fix much of the immigration issues, but guess who is not doing their part, Senator Chuck Schumer and Company, and the Representative Nancy Pelosi and CBC gang. They are not only not playing, but not even showing up for the vote. Well why doesn’t both the House and the Senate LOCK THE DOORS TO THE CHAMBERS and not unlock them until a majority of THOSE PRESENT cast their votes? (Remember how voting was done on Obamacare?)

While they’re at it, how about a resolution (or bill) be presented, voted on and passed that would dock the pay of legislators who intentionally and willingly refrain from attending the proceedings and casting their votes?

It becomes very clear that there is a movement within the legislature, aided by the media and compounded by various cabinet agency senior officials to stop the Trump administration at all costs, and to tear down the national borders of the United States and overturn the Rule of Law as mandated by the Constitution of the United States.

We have seen what will happen when senior FBI officials decide to go rogue, sabotage official investigations, guide along fake inquiries, and repeatedly lie to congressional oversight committees in a covert and overt attempt to disrupt a national election, unseat a sitting president and bring the federal government to a halt in disgrace and now subvert the immigration laws of the United States by overwhelming the entire immigration process.

A critical component of this silent coup is the disarming of Americans by insane gun control laws which allow law enforcement to seize weapons of non-compliant citizens who are unwilling to simply hand over their very means of self-defense.

I say this in all seriousness, you are either the solution or you are the problem. Stand by, do nothing and then you will surely have no leg to stand on when America is no longer “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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