On Tearing Families Apart

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On Tearing Families Apart

Should the government be in the business of tearing families apart is a serious question that demands an answer? With today’s emphasis being focused on children being separated from their family unit there should be increased discussion on the long term affects being placed on our society.

It’s almost reminiscent of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. Storm troopers marching in, busting down the doors and grabbing children and literally tearing them out of their mothers grasp.  Awful you say! It could never happen you think. Nobody would allow themselves to be used by an evil of a force like that. Nobody would stand by and allow that to happen. Not in America. Not in the United States.

What has the national news media focused on lately? What goes thru your minds when you are told the president is ripping children from their mothers and fathers, locking them in cages and treating them like animals? How do you visualize that scene in your mind? Let it sink in for a moment.

We in America have been desensitized over time until the unthinkable becoming reality. We are told that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are busting into homes and grabbing certain family members and deporting them. We are told that on the border the mean old Border Patrol is stalking immigrants who are people wanting a better life, the apprehend them, process them, then deport to an uncertain death.

Our hearts go out to these people. They are not animals to simply be tossed aside. They are human beings and they deserve to come to America. It is un-American to refuse entry to people who want to come here. That’s what we are told, right?

Have you looked at what the law says?

Title 8 – Aliens and Nationality of USC 1182 has amended Public Law 89-236 in 1965, amended Public Law 94-571 in 1976, amended Public Law 96-212 in 1980, amended Public Law 101-649 in 1990 and currently is in need of a comprehensive immigration reform bringing it in line with 21st century standards, while maintaining national security?

USC 1182 lists the classes of aliens who are ineligible for visas or admission. The immigration laws are very complex and have severe penalties for violators. Immigration is a privilege that is extended to a wide range of people worldwide, yet is restrictive to certain categories, classes or groups of people to insure the national security of our nation.

I can understand the outrage over a perceived mistreatment of people wanting to come to America and that is only natural. Yet the outrage should be directed at the real cause of mistreatment, the people who organize for profit the movement (transportation) of people toward the United States and the governments who allow passage through their borders and yet enforce their own immigration standards. They are guilty of human trafficking whether or not they profit financially.

The shame and anger American’s feel should be directed toward the government who funds, supports and defends what is actually tearing families apart – the practice of Abortion! Here is where the Storm Troopers inside the facilities of Planned Parenthood ACTUALLY TEAR babies from the mother’s body, in many cases it’s piece by piece by piece and is done in the name of a “Woman’s Right to Choose”. It is here that women choose to lay the very life of their child down on the altar of “Choice” before the god of “Feminism” for whom you wear your pink hats and carry your offensive signage.

It is the shame of America to deny the “Immigration” of human life in the womb where it is naturally protected from conception through development and birth. Abortion is nothing more than “forced” birth and death is accomplished manually with instrumentation, and the carnage is simply discarded as human waste. Where is your outrage America? Where is your shame? Your very lack of it is offensive!

A society who doesn’t stand for something will fall for anything! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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