Beyond Unhinged


Beyond Unhinged

The antics of the liberal left know no bounds. What a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Recently I wrote a blog on how Trump became president and the reason I came to that conclusion. Our society has been actively ousting God from every endeavor and facet of life in America. We have removed him from our schools, our public square and even our hearts. We have relegated God to the sidelines only to be noticed when the chips are down. Then we blow our whistle we expect God to come running. You know something God has a great sense of humor and tolerates mankind way more than I can. I personally don’t tolerate stupid people very well.

Even though we chose to live a godless life without bounds, we are never satisfied. The same is true in politics we want a godless president, one who is not influenced by biblical standards. A president who makes up feel good, but allows us to do as we please. The same standard we place on God.

America is like a ship, a “ship of state” and while navigating through the waters of a troubled world it often needs a course correction. Many times we don’t want correction we want freedom to continue living as we wish, even though the end goal is destruction.

Because God is our creator he knows what lies ahead for us and our country. His course correction often comes as catastrophic events which man calls “An Act of God” which God has tolerated from us. Other events are possibly changes in presidential administrations through tragedy or the normal election process of American politics. In America history has recorded wars, earthquakes and hurricanes, floods and fires, yet God is still in control and knows what lies ahead in the future of the nation.

Over the years course correction has come through civil unrest, assignations and wars of aggression and worldwide calamity. With each event it took a special kind of person at America’s helm. World War II & Korea were Presidents Roosevelt and Truman; Vietnam were Presidents Johnson through Ford; Iraq and Afghanistan Presidents G.H.W. Bush then Clinton; 9/11 and War on Terror it was President G.W. Bush; next came the policy decisions of Obama and the consequences of unchecked mass immigration leading to organized civil rebellion and disobedience.

The plans of God are perfect and his timing is righteous, but alas that time was not yet so God did not call forth any known politician because politics had become business as usual and America needed a coarse correction. American politics received a knockout punch when a political unknown answered God’s call to arms and Donald Trump became president. God chose a man familiar with coarse corrections in his personal life and in the business world, which would be invaluable on the political and world stage.

God did not choose a man without scars and baggage, but a man of courage, determination and persistence who would not back down when things got tough. Many a politician would have folded and went back home at the first sign of pressure.

As God placed G.W. Bush at the helm for 9/11, so God placed D.J. Trump at the helm for the rising political unrest and God has a plan for good and not evil this “shining city on a hill “- America.

Do you not see? God has a plan and everything happens for a reason and for the glory of Almighty God. The world as we knew forever changed on 9/11/2001 as America lost her innocence when the Twin Towers fell and evil called out.

The unthinkable happened on 11/2/2016 and the world stood still as Donald J. Trump stood to become President. A man so steeped in his persona that there seemed to be no room for anyone else, yet God had a different plan for America.

Those who knew Trump knew that he was not presidential material. He was rich, conceited and so full of himself that there was no way he would become president, but God’s plan would turn America back to Godly principles, but not without a fight. In the months after the election it has become crystal clear why Donald Trump is the man whom God entrusted with the Presidency.

You can always tell when God is involved because man thinks he knows it all. In fact man thinks he knows more than God about what is good. Remember what I said about God having a great sense of humor? Well BINGO! Where God had given America what they kept asking for, a black president to lead us to the Promised Land yet Obama was simply an overrated pussycat, a real paper tiger.

When Christians prayed for God to deliver America from the forces of evil, God heard and answered our prayers. We wanted a mighty president, a Christian leader someone who would put America back on the right path, yet God in his wisdom gave us Donald Trump (that sense of humor thing). God knew America needed a strong leader someone who would not cave in to pressure but would remain focused and obedient to what God called him to do. God gave us a sword wielding, forward thinking, builder leader to take America (with God’s guidance) from the valley to a new plateau.

As the mantra of this new president “Make America Great Again” evil forces have taken notice. We know this because attacks become more frequent and more urgent as the Trump agenda moves forward there is resistance like never before. What comes out of the mouths of the liberal left and their leadership every day make it perfect timing to abandon the liberal left and the Democrat Party? The left has become totally unhinged as Trump drains the swamp and the alligators are not happy.

America is at a crossroads, do we want safety and security for our families or do we want total anarchy for our nation? The 2020 election will determine the future of America. Until that time we must stay strong and stand for an America that is the light for liberty, justice and the American way. May God Bless President Trump and May God Bless America! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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