On F.B.I. Agent Peter P. Strzok II and D.O.J. Attorney Lisa Page



On F.B.I. Agent Peter P. Strzok II and D.O.J. Attorney Lisa Page

Like most Americans I am aware of Peter Strzok being a powerful Investigator in the F.B.I and vaguely aware of his role in both the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the Trump-Russia Collusion Investigation. Exactly what his roles were is still a mystery to me.

I’m aware of Peter Strzok having an affair with Lisa Page who was a powerful attorney within the D.O.J. and her obvious connection to D.O.J. leadership during those investigations, as well as her being an active part of both investigations, along with F.B.I. agent Peter Strzok. Both were removed from the Mueller led investigation after their tainted text messages were made public, but were not fired.

What bothers me most is that while in positions of public trust and within the Department of Justice, it is the F.B.I. whose duty is to investigate without prejudice or malice alleged violations of laws of the U.S. these two individuals have been not only deceitful to themselves and their families, their colleagues, each other, but us to the American people.

Their obvious bias and hatred expressed in recovered text messages concerning then candidate Donald Trump, now President and their willingness to appease then candidate Hillary Clinton, thought to become president, and the lengths to which they have gone to insure the failure of the Trump administration is appalling and brings discredit to the agencies they represent.

While heralded as “heroes” by the elitists on the left, in my opinion they are nothing more than common criminals and should be immediately stripped of their duties, badges and credentials or licenses to practice their trade.

They should be placed in custody, as would any common citizen who violated the laws as they have done. There is like Paul Manafort in prison and in solitary confinement without been charged or prosecuted for lying to investigators in one of the cases these two were involved with. Peter Strzok and Lisa Page have both lied to investigators and worse yet are freely going about their deceitful lives as if they have done nothing wrong. I have not been closely following the hearings because in the words of Peter Strzok “there is nothing there there” and “collusion is not a crime”.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

Americans demand justice be served especially when it involves members of the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation conspiring against and actively participating in or interfering with the current administration of the President of the United States. – I am the Real Truckmaster


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