The Unlikely Presidency of Donald J. Trump

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The Unlikely Presidency of Donald J Trump

What seemed to be a decision based on impulse and staged for a movie production, was in truth a carefully orchestrated event. Donald Trump ascended the staircase in Trump Tower on June 16, 2015 accompanied by his wife Melania and announced on live television he was running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.

According to Roger Stone’s book, “The Making of the President 2016”, Donald Trump had considered the presidency as far back as in 1986. Trump toyed with the idea in 2000 and again in 2012 but would not commit to running until he was confident it would be a race to be won. Trump is playing chess while everyone else is playing Chinese checkers.

Like many who watched the announcement on television I too had my doubts. I thought it was a publicity stunt designed to capitalize on increasing the ratings for Trump’s show “The Apprentice”. As I watched the names of the seventeen Republican Party presidential hopefuls I had my choices narrowed down to a couple of names and Donald Trump was not one of them.

The Debates

What I expected during the debates was each candidate to sell me on why I should vote to send them to the White House. I have strong opinions on freedom of speech; the right to bear arms; freedom of religion; protecting the United States Constitution; securing our borders; supporting our military and other issues. I wanted to know how they stood on these issues which I considered important to me personally and to the country.

GOP Debates

What stands out for me from the very first GOP debate was how polite and cordial the candidates were toward each other. When asked by the moderator if Donald Trump could stand up against the Democratic Party candidate, Governor Mike Huckabee answered, “On his worst day Trump and every GOP candidate would be better than Hillary Clinton on her best day” (not verbatim), and everyone laughed.

For me the laughing ended when Donald Trump became the first GOP candidate to attack virtually every other GOP candidate, with the exception of Doctor Ben Carson, who at one point asked for “someone to attack me, please”.

When I saw the ferociousness of the attacks by Donald Trump I became personally disgusted at his tactics and was sure that one of my two candidates HAD to be the GOP winner and was I wrong.

There were more GOP debates and while candidates went on the offensive they began dropping out one by one until there was but one left – Donald Trump.

Presidential Candidates Face Off

The debates between Republican candidate Donald J. Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary R. Clinton were a mixed bag. Hillary chided Trump over having no political or foreign policy experience, while she was full of it (political and foreign policy experience). What was tragic was when Hillary was given answers to questions both candidates were to be asked, and Trump was left to answer on the spot and held his ground.

The Campaign Trail

During the 2015 – 2016 campaigns Trump began his “Make America Great Again” speeches calling out “Crooked Hillary” for her deceitful campaigning and media strategy to discredit Trump supporters by calling them “a Basket of Deplorables”.  Soon the “Fly Over Country” grassroots movement began to take hold across middle America which held little importance to the DNC coastal bases in New York and California.

The media attempted to influence public support in favor of Hillary Clinton by downplaying the massive crowd sizes of Trump rallies as compared to the crowd sizes of Clinton rallies which were protested by a defensive Donald Trump and the overflowing crowds of the MAGA crowd showing up hours before stadiums opened.

Election Day

November 9, 2016 was the day of reckoning as American’s headed to the polls to elect a new president well into the night until the last polling place closed. The counting of ballots and reporting of results which led to the forming of Electoral College delegates and super-delegates aligning themselves with the candidate chosen by their respective states.

Election Night

There were celebrations in each campaign headquarters as the results came flowing in way into the early morning hours of November 10, 2016. In the Republican campaign headquarters Team Trump was excited as the numbers became clear and the magic figure of 270 electoral votes became surpassed and exceeded at 300+. In the Democratic campaign headquarters Team Clinton went from celebrating into a deep state of shock and depression. It was unbelievable that in the history of the United States the first woman candidate for the presidency would not be Hillary Clinton. This became the agony of defeat and the realization that America had spoken, loud and clear.

Inauguration #45

On January 20, 2017 Donald J. Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, replacing Barack H. Obama.

The Resistance Movement

January 20, 2017 would be a day that would go down in infamy as organized and funded public demonstrations and political rioting began “sweeping” America in an attempt to delegitimize a duly elected President and cause widespread discord between the liberal left and the conservative right. Congressional Democrats boycotted the Presidential Inauguration demonstrating their disgust and hatred of the man who “stole” the election from Hillary Clinton. But to quote former President Barack Obama, “Elections have Consequences”.  At the end of the day Donald J. Trump was President.

Russian Collusion

One of the first “scandals” to be unleashed on the American people was the unfounded claim of Russian Collusion between the Trump Campaign and Russia in order to interfere with the U.S. election and influence voters in favor of Donald Trump. This has led to the DOJ to compile a Special Counsel led by Robert Mueller and his infamous 13 angry Democrats. This has been an ongoing investigation that seems to have no boundaries or explicit focus, except as an exploration of a Trump-Russia connection, while excluding an obvious Obama-Hillary-Russia connection of cash and Uranium One and the former Secretary of State Clinton email disaster of 33,000 “lost” emails and unauthorized private internet servers used to transmit highly classified documents. This special counsel investigation has been going on for almost 2 years with no sustainable evidence of wrong doing by the Trump campaign team.

Gun Control

Next a series of school shootings around the country where students targeted and shot other students and teaching staff and in one case a school resource officer (a sheriff’s deputy) stood by until the shooting stopped. Other shootings show school resource officer’s response neutralized the shooter by return fire or placing the shooter in custody. All of this so that organized marches and demonstrations would sway public sentiment toward gun confiscation from lawful gun owners and ultimately stripping away the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. President Trump suggested a national concealed carry permit be issued that would be valid in all 50 states. His suggestion was met with fierce resistance.

Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

President Trump and others have been steeped in allegations of sexual misconduct going back to the 1980’s in a political stunt leading back to leftist groups paying women to come forward accusing the president  and other political candidates of sexual misconduct. Although it is a federal crime to falsely report a crime, very few of the women or their paid sponsors have been held accountable and virtually all allegations have proven to be false claims.

There have been so called “women’s marches” across the nation’s television broadcast networks and the internet where some of the most vile and hateful women have shown their true ignorance and total hatred of the president, while ridiculing the very women they claim to represent.

Foreign Affairs

President Trump has been cited by the Democratic leftists for having no foreign policy experience, yet seem to forget (or simply not know) that Donald J. Trump Enterprises has conducted what amounts to foreign policy each instance of negotiation of building and properties with foreign governmental leaders. So when the President tweeted a veiled threat to “Rocket Man” of North Korea, it caused an epidemic of hysteria over World War III with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. What actually transpired was the first of its kind ever sit down, face-to-face meeting between Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un and President Donald J. Trump culminating in a signed denuclearization agreement of total, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the Korean peninsula within the next 2 years. Prior to this meeting the first of its kind meeting between the leaders of North and South Korea at the DMZ, after which it was suggested that President Trump be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  The Democrats scoffed and said Trump says he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize.

President Trump has met with international leaders one-on-one in their countries and in international leadership forums, such as the recent NATO Summit where his chastisement over unfair NATO funding by other nations will no longer be tolerated by the United States. The leadership of the president in this matter has brought immediate and renewed pledges of increased support from several other nations.

Border Security and “The Wall”

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was to build the wall along our southern border with Mexico in his “Mexico will pay for it” speeches he reemphasized that for a nation to be sovereign it must have border security and a wall which he has called for Congress to allocate funding so building could commence. What has happened is that the Republican controlled Congress has allowed the Democratic minority to prevent the adequate funding of the wall, yet construction is underway.


The “dreamers” of President Obama’s executive order Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was an unconstitutional exercise of executive privilege when it was signed into law in 2012.  Congress did not challenge it at the time and after taking office President Trump gathered congressional leaders together and gave them a challenge to fix DACA, as well as conduct Comprehensive Immigration Reform and he would sign it into law. Nothing happened, except congress attempted to bring a “bill” which they knew did not meet the president’s mandate which was promptly rejected.

The Caravan

Next a caravan of immigrants was traveling from Africa, North, South and Central America all culminating in Mexico near the San Diego border crossing where they were set on unlawful entrance into the United States. They were met on the Mexican side by U.S. attorneys who coached these immigrants on filing for asylum and how to respond to U.S. immigration officials. Soon there was public sentiment built up on the side of these immigrants who crossed over unlawfully and as a consequence became separated from their minor children in the process. The cry went up from Democrats and lawmakers alike on the side of the immigrants berating President Trump and his administration for upholding U.S. immigration laws. The cry rang out to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and for the impeachment of the president for doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

The Flag and National Anthem

It started with Colin Kapernick at an NFL game where he decided to kneel in protest during the National Anthem. When President Trump accused him of being unpatriotic and should be fired for his actions it spurred a wide range of protests and marches across the nation against the president’s remarks citing freedom of speech. Then this movement picked up when American’s began showing their displeasure over the obvious disrespect shown by these NFL protestors. Soon coaching staff, team owners and even the NFL commissioner sided with the protestors, while many Americans simply stopped watching.

Entertainers and Politics

It seems that somehow Hollywood entertainers feel they are smarter than the president, other Americans who support the president and feel the need to publicly declare their hatred of the president and beret anyone who disagrees. There are quite a number of celebrities who have become political experts but don’t remember their pledge to move somewhere else if Trump becomes president. WAKE UP! Elections have consequences and Trump is President.

Why Trump is So Popular with the Right and Hated by the Left

American’s under Obama wanted so much to see Hillary Clinton become the first woman president in the history of our nation. They forgot that Hillary’s chance at the presidency was taken from her by Barack Obama during the election of 2008. As a consolation prize Hillary was given a prestigious cabinet position of Secretary of State which she could have made her mark in the foreign policy arena, but chose instead to dabble in an unsecure and unauthorized use of internet devices and computer servers and even communicated directly with POTUS #44 under a pseudo name.

When President Donald J. Trump was elected his direct and in your face approach to politics as usual in Washington with his “Drain the Swamp” mantra provided a fresh shot of energy to Fly Over Country and Tea Party Americans, but brought out the very worst in the Democratic left.

America Wanted A Leader

America wanted a leader who was a warrior, not a politician. We wanted someone who would cross the Potomac like George Washington, storm the hill like Teddy Roosevelt and meet the enemy head on like George S. Patton. Americans were tired of pansy politicians and what they got was a fighter in Donald J. Trump, a man who knows what he wants, sets out to achieve it and doesn’t let petty politics get in the way. Trump is someone who doesn’t just rock the boat; he turns the boat upside down.

What many Americans don’t know is that governments are established and kings appointed by Almighty God who himself is the King of Kings and Lord of Lord. God set up his plan before the foundation of the world and nothing can upset, startle or change God’s plan, nothing! Throughout biblical times we read of God taking man, placing his anointing upon him and when man is obedient God’s purpose is accomplished. God who put the drive inside Donald J. Trump and it was that drive that brought the Presidency to Trump or vice versa. It was God who gave that first interest in the presidency to Trump so many years ago and it was God who brought it to pass.

Donald Trump is a man who displays Godly wisdom and manly folly at the same time. He is a man who knew of God, but had never truly known God. But like in days of old, God knew Donald Trump, even before the foundation of the world. Each of us has a desire to be loved, to be wanted and a wanting to be used by God. What hinders us is our inability or unwillingness to submit to God and surrender to his will for our life. I’m not saying that Donald Trump is a godly man; he is but a man, who humbled himself before God and said “Here am I Lord!”

As I said in the beginning I was not a fan of Donald J. Trump, in fact I had never sat down to watch “The Apprentice” and didn’t know what Trump Towers was or where it was located, it just never interested me. However during the campaign and since the inauguration I have watched President Donald J. Trump make some outstanding decisions, as well as some things I consider blunders, yet he always seems to pull it off and come out smelling like a rose. So I must consider that as long as Trump is faithful and obedient to God and his purpose and places others before himself, he and America will continue to be blessed in these – Last Days. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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