The Spirit of Political Correctness


The Spirit of Political Correctness

It seems like over the past few years the world and our nation have been taken over by the demonic spirit of political correctness. It begins by someone claiming to be offended by the actions, words and deeds taken by another. This leads to hurt feelings and breeds contempt, disgust and outright hatred.

Where there is hatred there is no love. Love comes from God as He alone is the very essence of love. Anyone who hates his brother but claims to love God is a liar. The love of God is not in him. He who loves God is commanded to love one another; to love your neighbor as yourself and to pray for those who spitefully use you. It is impossible to love God condone the sinful acts of man. Where your treasure is, so is your heart.

What we see in the world today has been the ultimate battle between good and evil which began as one angel thought more highly of himself and wanted to be God. Lucifer and those who followed him were ejected from heaven by God and banished to this place called earth until such time as God himself shall say enough. The violence of man can only be stopped by the Grace of God, through prayer and supplication to Almighty God.

Look at those in authority and ask yourself do they reek of the essence of love? Do their actions reflect the actions of God? Does their speech reflect the speech of God? Do their deeds reflect the values of God? We are given a measuring tool with which to judge the actions of man against what Jesus said when he said that He is the Word and that in the beginning the Word was with God and the Word was God.


Jesus is the Solution

When Jesus was born the world was looking for a warrior king, they were not looking in a stable or in a manger and they were not looking for a baby.

Jesus is the Word, he was born of a virgin, lived and died as a man on a cross for the sins of the world, and he was buried in a tomb, was raised on the third day and now sits on the throne at the right hand of God the Father. Those are historical facts that cannot be changed, argued or disputed.

Now it doesn’t matter whether or not you believe it to be true or false, it will not change the fact. What you and I must each consider is that Jesus is coming again soon for his bride (the church). He will take those believers who have died and those who remain and rapture them into the air in the twinkling of an eye. This is known to the believer as the second coming of Jesus.

Those who are left behind on the earth will encounter unspeakable horror as evil battles evil in the battle of Armageddon. It will not be pleasant it will make war look like child’s play and there will be no place to hide, not in the hills, not in the caves, or in the sea. It will be a terrible, terrible time as the entire earth becomes consumed.

I say this not to scare or cause panic, but to give you the “Good News” that Jesus loves you, and that he died for you. He is coming back again and wants you to live with him in his father’s house forever.

There are many paths that lead to destruction, but only one that leads to God the Father and that way is through Jesus who is the Christ. The bible tells us that the penalty for sin is death. Whosoever believes that Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of God shall not perish but have eternal life. And that God so loved the world that he sent his only Begotten Son to pay the price for our sins. It is easy to be forgiven.

Simply admit that Jesus is God, he died for your sins, then ask God to forgive you of your sin and to change your heart. In Jesus name – Amen; now turn away from sin, come together with other believers and ask God to fill your heart with His love; seek his face and pray.

Know you this – Jesus Loves You!

We do not have a political problem in America, we have a sin problem against the God who made us! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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