Ferocious in a Fight

ace in hole trump


Ferocious in a Fight

Several years ago my wife received a small black and white Shih Tzu puppy that followed her around everywhere and she named him Shadow. He was so small we placed a folded up blanket on our king size headboard for him to sleep on. He loved to cuddle and fight, often without warning.

As he got older he learned he was the king of the castle, top dog, Alpha Male (he was our only dog at the time). We bought him toys and when we’d visit our grandkids, Shadow would take possession of any of their doggie toys that he wanted and it didn’t matter if their dog was a German Shephard or a Pit Bull, they would cry wanting their toy back. He never gave them a thought and would trout out to the car with the toy in his mouth. He was such a cutie.

He went everywhere we went, even on trips to see the family in Idaho. He loved to sleep on my wife’s lap and would bark at the cows and antelope we saw beside the road. It was on one of our trips that Shadow met my parents yard dog Missy. A brief encounter left Shadow missing a front tooth and when he smiled it looked more like a sneer.   When another dog came around it was Shadow who let him/her know who was boss.

Shadow was so protective and territorial around the house that I couldn’t get near my wife without him getting between us. Yet when I sat in the recliner, Shadow would be there trying to jump up so he could sit beside me. Shadow liked trying to run in the snow, but usually carried more snow on his belly that was on the ground. Shadow lived to the ripe old age of 17 when he died.

I brought up Shadow because he was ferocious in a fight or when intimidating other much larger dogs and he knew no limitations except his territory was anywhere he was.

I was also reminded that in the military there is authority and regional authority as it pertains to operating area, unit or company area and even down to platoon area. Jesus once said of the Centurion, a man of authority who had great faith in the authority of Jesus to heal his son.

I remember that most of the time I was a platoon sergeant, consisting of an assistant and two squads of 16 men each. I was one of 5 platoons in our company. Whenever I was in the company area I had authority and everyone knew who I was and what platoon I had. On occasion I pulled staff duty at battalion and had the authority within the battalion area over matters occurring after hours or on the weekends while on Staff Duty. I could go anywhere and know that during this time I was divested with the authority of the commander and normally didn’t have to go outside the unit to make decisions.

So my dog Shadow new he was the authority at home and that birds, squirrels and other dogs had to fear him around the property.

Bringing this up a notch and to present day events I get the same feeling with Donald Trump acting in his capacity as President of the United States. He has the authority vested in him by the United States Constitution and is the Leader of our country. When he goes abroad world leaders take notice and afford him the courtesy and honor of his position as leader of the United States. They go all out to insure they make a good impression with him and insure his safety while he is in their country.

Other leaders don’t always agree with each other, but with President Trump they know exactly where he’s coming from because he doesn’t speak politicaleeze or mince words. Trump is a straight shooter and speaks from the heart.

What has been puzzling is why at home our legislative body is constantly at war with the president over his every word, action or deed. There are some who feel his is inferior and not worthy of being president. For those I say “Shame on You!” Jesus once said a profit is not welcomed in his home town. And I see that in America today with President Trump.

President Trump has been working for all Americans and comes from a long line of hard working people, he has raised his children to know what hard work is and engrained in them a model work ethic. He has committed his presidency to make America great for ALL Americans, and receives the most resistance from people who did not learn very good work ethics before they entered politics, maybe because they didn’t really work for a living based on what we see of their political work ethic. It is these same politicians who claim to be for working Americans, when in fact they are only for themselves and job security in Congress.

When a president must be ferocious abroad and at home it becomes extremely difficult to say focused on the tasks at hand unless you are Donald Trump who is ferocious in a fight and recognizes that soon healing will come to America. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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