It’s the Winning!



Letter to my Democratic Friend – Hank

I’m not concerned with Trump’s medical deferments or his meeting with Putin. In fact I’m only concerned with the level of obstruction by everyone in the government (including congress) who attempt to overthrow his presidency. That is treasonous!

But I’ll say this you are a good man and a patriot, but like so many others you have been greatly misinformed (fooled if you will) on our presidents by the leftist propaganda-based media (fake news). I don’t normally go into spiritual discussions with someone unless I know they are a believer and understand about such matters, with you I am making an exception.

This battle is for the United States of America and over the constitution. It is not a battle of wits and who is the smartest among us. It is a spiritual battle where the devil continues to rebel against Almighty God and because our country and our constitution were based on the bible and on biblical principles, it is essential that both are destroyed.

This country has been led by men of all types of character, military, politicians, lawyers, and in a few instances businessmen. What has happened in the past is they serve their time as president and fade back into a normal American life, unless the taste for power overcomes them. In that case they hang on as long as possible and in some cases refuse to let go of the power they held.

John Kennedy was killed while wielding that power and now lies in Arlington National Cemetery.

LBJ got bogged down wielding that power and returned to Texas.

Nixon resigned wielding that power and returned to California.

Carter ineffectively wielded that power and returned to Georgia.

Reagan helped shape the world wielding that power and returned to California.

GHW Bush continued shaping the world wielding that power and returned to Massachusetts.

Bill Clinton began to re-shape America wielding that power then stayed in New York.

GW Bush changed how America fights terrorism after 9/11 wielding that power and returned to Texas.

BHO promised to forever change America wielding that power then stayed in DC.

DJT promised to return America to its former greatness wielding that power.

How many have stayed silent on politics after leaving office?

How many have publicly criticized their predecessor?

How many have publicly praised their predecessor?

How many have become rich while in office as president?

How many have forgone riches to become president?

How many have used their political office for monetary gain?

How many have immediately begun changing their predecessor’s policies after taking office?

How many have left the office of president in worse shape than when they arrived?

Which president dodged the draft and fled the country to evade military service?

Which president pardoned all draft dodgers after the Vietnam War?

Which president claimed transparency in government but acted behind closed doors?

Which president conducted open to media meetings and leaked misinformation caused public outrage?

Which president pardoned the most convicted criminals while in office?

You can fill in the blanks.

Our nation has been spiraling out of control for quite some time and the American people have been oblivious to the imminent destruction in its path. Our society today has everyone “choosing” to be offended by anyone and anything it is a Spirit of Political Correctness. It is destructive in nature and invisible to see, it breeds hatred and irrupts into chaos.

Christians (followers of Jesus) have been praying for God to intervene and to save America from certain destruction. Because God is a God who answers prayer, he can choose to say Yes, No or nothing at all. God’s word is true and he tells us to pray specifically; believing that the answer is coming; and to wait upon Him. We do.

Americans were over confident during the election cycle between George H.W. Bush and William Jefferson Clinton. We prayed for a Bush victory, if it was God’s will. What resulted was a crushing defeat and we didn’t understand why God would give the presidency to Clinton.

We survived 8 years of the Clinton presidency and again we prayed during the election cycle of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. We prayed for a Bush victory, but not necessarily if it was God’s will.

The bible teaches us to ask God, not demand of God. Demanding of God doesn’t normally work out well and in both cases above we got what we asked for and God permitted it.

I felt at the time and wrote an editorial on how G.W. Bush was meant to be president for such a time as the events of 9/11/01. I still feel that way and we survived the Bush years.

The bible says that God institutes governments and appoints kings and who am I to demand anything of the one who created everything?

The election cycle of G.W. Bush and Barack H. Obama was another contentious one as Americans were tired of war and wanted someone who promised utopia. We prayed for a Bush win, but God had other plans. God gave America what they wanted, a popular guy figure and for the first time an African-American. It was a win – win situation, right?

Obama gave us the infamous Obamacare (an idea he took from Hillary and Bill Clinton – they tried to get it passed as Hillarycare, but it failed in congress); Worldwide America Apology Tour; Cash for Clunkers; Fanny Mae – Freddy Mack home loans for the poor; Guns to the Mexican Cartels; North Korea Denuclearization debacle; $200M to Iran for Military Hostages; Islamic Terrorists swap for army deserter; Benghazi; DACA; Uranium One; Clinton email scandal; Clinton Foundation – Haiti scandal (to name a few of the big ones). We survived the Obama years.

The election cycle between Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump was a totally new level in American politics. Hillary Clinton a 34 year political figure and shoe in for the Democratic Party against a political unknown, businessman Donald Trump.

There was an uncounted upon figure in this election cycle – God. The bible tells us a story in Isaiah 45 about King Cyrus who was not a godly man, yet God chose him to be King. During the campaign it was revealed to two prominent Christian businessmen that God had chosen someone who was not a godly man to become president after the pattern of Isaiah 45.

Who could be a better representation of this ungodly man than Donald Trump, a self-made man, a go getter, someone who doesn’t hesitate to make decisions, sometimes bad ones, but decisions none the less? He has money (lots of it), material things (many toys), and is someone the world envies because of what he has accumulated and people of high society love to be around him. Trump is a man of power. He was hated by the left and the right, by Christians and non-Christians alike. Nobody took his presidential bid seriously. Precisely the man God chose, not because of his worldly successes, but because of God’s grace. God has a special task in mind – answering prayer – God’s way.

Donald Trump was available and obedient when God called him. Trump could have run for president any number of times but chose not to, it wasn’t the right time. Trump has said he would only run when he knew he would win. It’s not the running that excites Trump, it’s the winning.

During the campaign Donald J. Trump found God, not in the traditional sense. He wasn’t raised in church, although like many people he went to church on special days (Christmas and such), he did not know God, but he came to know God and God’s plan for his life which had led him to this moment.

God chose Donald J. Trump to become the “Wrecking Ball to the spirit of political correctness”. That is exactly what has been happening. Trump succeeds where politicians have not. Trump has a saying that roughly says “nobody can choose good friends all the time. Nobody can afford to NOT recognize their enemy” (Paraphrased).

Trump has selectively halted immigration from certain countries; begun building the wall; sought for comprehensive immigration reform; improved relationships with world leaders; brought Kim Jung Un to the negotiation table; improved the economy; supports our military and law enforcement; sought for a level trading field with all nations of the world all the while battling liberals in congress and in the media to return this nation to its former greatness. His determination is breaking down the political correctness in the United States and allowing all Americans to live a more productive life.

As I watch President Trump I can see that the successes of his presidency hinge upon following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Every word (spoken or tweeted) by Donald Trump is met with opposition by men and women in power, in politics, in the media and throughout the nation and the world because they do not know the power of the God who first called, then anointed Donald J. Trump for the presidency.

It is the Spirit of Political Correctness that directs these often personal attacks on all things Trump and those of us who support him and his presidency. This I believe and the bible declares that “Greater is he who is in me than he who is in the world.” And the demons of hell cannot stand against the powerful and Almighty God of Abraham; not even the god of Islam.

While being in the shadow of the Almighty, in his perfect will and under the leading of the Holy Spirit, there is no power on earth that can stop a man of God on a mission which God himself has sanctioned. President Donald J. Trump is that man on that mission. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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