The Helsinki Summit



The Helsinki Summit

On July 16, 2018 Presidents Trump (USA) and Putin (RF) held their first Summit in Helsinki, Finland and it was a great start by two leaders wanting better relations between these two nuclear super powers. Their greeting and pre-summit talks were cordial and friendly as they prepared their one-on-one closed door session.

Back home in the United States the liberal left socialist-leaning Democratic Party and RINO members in Congress while attempting to sabotage the summit by first releasing the names of 12 Russians who allegedly interfered with the 2016 elections to give then candidate Trump the edge over party favorite Hillary; then demanding that the president call out Putin for the hostile takeover of Crimea; even questioning as Hillary did the presidents loyalty; feeding to the media a false narrative that the president threw the FBI and the US intelligence community “under the bus”, combining all the lefts worst fears into one neat little snowball aimed to derail the summit.

Let me say this one more time “SHAME ON YOU” to all you naysayers. Your tactics do not work as more and more Americans are just a bit smarter than you give us credit for. In fact we are quite a bit smarter and can see through your lies and innuendoes.

The summit was a success as President Trump held President Putin’s feet to the fire about issues that are important to both nations and to the world. They talked about the denuclearization of North Korea being a good thing for the world; about Iran and its use of nuclear material for non-military purposes; the need for safeguarding nuclear weapons within the two countries; Syria and Israel and the need to insure the safety of both nations and the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland to live in peace; and a host of other issues mutually beneficial to both countries.

During the questioning after the closed door session reporters asked a series of loaded questions in an attempt to create or inflame divisions between the United States and the Russian Federation. One asked if Putin compiled secret info on Trump during his trips to Russia in the years prior to the 2016 election and Putin responded that he had not. Another asked Trump about statements on the Russian pipeline placing Germany in a bad position with Russia, and that Trump said the US would replace Russia as a supplier of petroleum, which Trump said both nations were in competition as suppliers.

There were other questions for each leader and ultimately questions dealing with the trumped up investigation where Putin said Russia was not involved in the 2016 campaign or election; Trump said the investigation was fake and wondered how the investigators could tell if Russia was involved because the FBI was asked to leave the DNC HQ without handling the DNC servers, or the missing emails of Hillary and it’s pretty hard to come to a conclusion without all the facts or computer devices.

There were pledges of cooperation in many areas as the United States and Russian Federation attempt to have future summits and foster closer cooperation. Putin even invited the Mueller team to Russia to become involved with Russian investigators should the evidence show Russian involvement.

President Trump congratulated Russia on winning the World Cup in Soccer and President Putin presented Trump with the winning football, which Trump thanked him and said the ball would go to his son Barron. Putin then invited the US to host the 2026 World Cup and Trump accepted the invitation

In my book the summit was a resounding success and I look forward to future summits between the two countries and continued cooperation in solving many of the world’s issues. I am disappointed at the continued attempts to smear President Trump and demean or belittle this summit as they have been doing with the Singapore Summit with President Trump and North Korean Leader Kim.

Every time there has been a potential breakthrough in international affairs or at home in the US the fully committed socialistic Democratic Party lead by men and women in congress who belong to the Congressional Black Caucus and other socialistic caucuses or special interest groups bring their circus into the public forum attempting to prevent meaningful changes that can improve the lives of Americans and peoples of other nations.

There are not many alive today who remember the coalition of the United States, United Kingdom and the Soviet Union during World War II where the leaders of all three nations worked together to combat Nazi Germany and Japan in their quest to conquer the world. Since the end of the war we’ve had the infamous Cold War, Korean War and many, many other wars and conflicts that have helped maintain hostile relations.

When has an American President gone on the offensive internationally to calm world relations between hostile nations without trotting around plane loads of cash or dragging their chin on the ground apologizing for America more than pulling its fair share?

When has an American President become engaged in the betterment of America and the American people while being smeared, belittled and targeted by American politicians (Legislators and media) for doing what Americans elected him to do?

Don’t you think it’s time to dump the petty politics and political stunts and begin acting like Americans who stand beside this president, rather than standing in front of him in opposition?

Freedom of Speech as guaranteed in the Constitution does not give one the right for “Freedom of Stupidity” although many seem to think so, while trashing the very document they say gives them that right.

It is the right, the privilege and the duty of ALL AMERICANS to PROTECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES against ALL ENEMIES both foreign and DOMESTIC.

You do not have the right to shred it! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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