What Conservatives Just Don’t Get?



What Conservatives Just Don’t Get?

By not everyone has seen “The View” and/or heard about the July 19, 2018 episode where Whoopi Goldberg lost her cool, went off on Judge Jeanine Pirro and after spitting on her and calling her racially charged names yelled at her to leave the building where the ABC daytime show is televised. I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC, The View and Whoopi have a change to “Face the Judge” in open court and soon. We see stunts like this all the time and we wonder why Whoopi is still employed by ABC?

A major difference between conservatives and liberals is how we think. When conservatives see a situation such as depicted above we assume there is a logical way to attack this issue. We voice our disgust and concern for fair treatment by the media and entertainment industry. We write editorials and post our opinions on Facebook and on Twitter. Then we move on with our normal lives.

When liberals see a situation such as this they DO NOT think logically in any way, shape or form. What the liberal mind does is plan how to orchestrate a revenge attack only on a huge scale. There are liberal hatemongering groups like Color of Change.org which ups the ante in the game of hate and racial division by organizing a petition to address their perceived injustice.

They create an online petition and post a link to it on their website, Facebook page or on Twitter.

They identify the perceived injustice, and then make their demands for the network to drop the offender and the program from the network lineup.

They begin a contact the sponsor(s) campaign where phone calls to corporate offices; emails and text messages to the corporate leadership teams whereby threatening a nationwide boycott of their products and businesses. This campaign pressure continues until the insane pressure is more than the sponsors can bear so they begin to withdraw their sponsorship of the program. No sponsor, no money, no program – mission accomplished.

They apply the same pressure on the network leadership teams (and their spouses) to quickly achieve cancellation of the show in question.

Some of the effective campaigns against conservative shows on major networks are the Rosanne Barr Show where one simple tweet by the star and her program was immediately cancelled. Others were Lou Dobbs; Bill O’Reilly and Glen Beck where each lost their very popular shows because of pressure from the liberal left.

Another important aspect is initiating contact with the network leadership team and begin a dialog toward ending the offending show.

Sample Petition:

Sign onto our letter demanding that ABC stop allowing the ladies on The View to do further damage to American families by demeaning President Trump and his supporters or verbally assaulting conservative guests like Judge Jeanine Pirro who they invited on The View before verbally and physically assaulting and screaming for her to leave the building. Our legal team will be contacting you shortly concerning this matter and informing you of your legal rights and responsibilities for the treatment of guests on ABC backed programs. On behalf of all American families nationwide we demand that The View be terminated and the hosts be fired immediately.

This requires a full court press from the conservative right and the full support of average Americans who are tired of the tactics of the liberal left. It requires a professional organizer, writer and legal team be formed to address this particular issue and others as they arise.

We must adapt and overcome the tactics of the liberal left because at present we are playing ping pong and the other side is warring with real bullets! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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