The Distraction – Sex Sells – Really?

Sex Sells


The Distraction – Sex Sells – Really?

The Donald J. Trump and Stormy Daniels Controversy Revisited + Paula McDougal

It’s not just a coincidence that “sexual scandals” of Donald J. Trump have come up when they have and by those who bring them to the forefront of public awareness. Nor is it surprising that each time nobody asks why now or when did it happen and what was done about it at the time?

So a porn star and a Playboy playmate individually and possibly together have discovered that they each claimed to have a fling with billionaire turned President Donald Trump back in 2006 – 2011. Each of them leveraged well over $100,000 in hush money so that nobody would know, yet even though they got paid, we were still “told”. How convenient. Donald Trump denies there was anything in either story, but because he’s Donald Trump, he’s a sexual monster. Ha Ha!

I want to know everything what happened in the meantime? Have they had a business slump, you know a recession? Is there no longer top money for an over the hill lap dancer? Does Playboy stoop to paying less than minimum wages that she went to option B? Oh yeah, I forgot it was going to be published by that stellar publication National Enquirer who sold the rights to the story to Michael Cohen, who at the time was the lawyer of then candidate Donald Trump.

Only after getting caught up in the “Russian Collusion” mess had an epiphany and turned the corner at Cohen Street and Trump Avenue and decided to tell the truth to everyone. That in itself is convenient as it is Cohen’s lawyer (former Bill Clinton’s Lawyer) who decided this was the time to “leak” the tape to CNN, another stellar fake news agency. Then to make sure everything is clear as mud, CNN transcribed the tape and had it narrated or rather translated into FN English.

The essence of the tape is that Trump had an affair and wanted to pay off the accuser in CASH. Only problem is that the National Enquirer was trying to blackmail then candidate Trump for $130,000 or they would go with the story, set to be released at the time of the election. Like the pundits have been saying, timing is everything and this is huge.

Another problem is that Cohen taped Trump without telling him he was being taped (sounds a lot like the bus incident with Billy Bush). And just because it could be construed as lawyer-client privilege, there may be legal consequences for Mr. Cohen, who is still under the “Russian Collusion” investigation problem.

If this doesn’t turn into a #1 New York Times best seller and/or go straight to film America and the world will miss out on a really good tale (pun intended). Besides they have that guy (what’s his name) who plays a really bad Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Gee I still can’t remember his name?

Still timing is everything, right? With the “Russian Collusion” investigation has been dragging on without merit and once again the focus of the news media and the investigators shifts now to a playmate and a tabloid and a Clinton-era lawyer to break the news publicly to embarrass and disgrace the sitting president?

As we used to say, “That’s all water under the bridge”, meaning “the cat’s out of the bag” and you can’t easily put it back in or pretend it never happened. People have been literally laughing at the thought of Donald Trump draining the swamp, and every day we hear from a new swamp rat or two from the DC establishment as the expected pushback is because while everyone is playing off Chinese checkers, President Trump is playing chess and has been thinking 8 or more steps ahead.

What the liberals and the leftist leaning media have not figured out is why Donald Trump won the presidency or why we voted for him to do exactly what he said he would do during the campaign.

It was during a turbulent time in the life of Donald Trump that God saw a man with determination and all the success the world could offer. He literally had it all. And God smiled!

That’s right God smiled (my words, ok) because Donald Trump didn’t know God, but he loved God. With the world spinning out of control and the United States on the fast track to destruction, it was Christians humbling themselves and praying and God intervened.  God didn’t pick Donald Trump because of his wealth, his fame or his notoriety, no God chose him because of his availability and his obedience when God called. The rest of the story is history and it comes as no surprise that the timing of these “skeletons” jumping out of Donald Trump’s closet is just as the Russian Collusion seems to be losing steam. Only this time things have been coming apart at the seams for special counsel Mueller and DOJ Rosenstein.

American should not allow themselves to be disillusioned by the alleged actions of then Donald J. Trump, but focus on the actions of the President we elected to bring order to a government gone wild.

Christians are familiar with the story of Cyrus in Isaiah 45, a man who didn’t know God, but chosen for a very specific task. Donald Trump POTUS 45 is no coincidence, as God selected Donald Trump to crush the spirit of political correctness and stop the evil so prevalent in America.

So it is not about the past goings on of Donald Trump, but about President Donald J. Trump the man we elected to lead this nation. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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