Making the Case for Legal Immigration



Making the Case for Legal Immigration

Title 8 of the U.S. Code deals with “Aliens and Nationality”, identifies categories of individuals who are allowed to immigrate, as well as those who are not allowed to immigrate into the United States.

The US State Department website is the starting point for anyone wishing to migrate into this country and the process can be seen online here

Why is it that someone wishing to enter or exit United States territory must produce official documentation in the form of a Passport, Passport Card and two forms of picture identification? These documents are verified to insure the individual is the one traveling. If the individual is traveling through an airport or seaport entry facility they must also have a proper travel document such as a ticket for an airline or cruise line. In some cases immunization documents may be required.

Those are the givens of international travel from or to the United States. I’ve written about this before and still there is a misunderstanding that seems to only pertain to entry along our Southern border with Mexico. We have groups of individuals and entire families presenting themselves at certain entry points to ask for asylum from an abusive government or regime. These individuals may arrive without any documentation at all and they expect to enter our country without any issues.

My question is how is this possible? How did someone travel on foot, or by cargo train from Africa, Southern and Central America crossing the entire country of Mexico, notorious for strict immigration control, without documentation? Why did these individuals not stop at any of the U.S. Embassy or Consulate locations throughout Mexico and in virtually every country in the Americas to apply for asylum?

All it takes is a bit of common sense, because once the individual unlawfully crosses into the United States they become illegal immigrants having violated US Immigration Laws will be and minor children are not prosecuted, but are separated from the adult parents who are detained, processed and held until facing an immigration court official and could face immediate deportation.

There have been incidents where American legal teams have crossed into Mexico with the sole purpose of advising “Coaching” immigrants on how to obtain asylum in the United States. These individuals are also violating US Immigration laws and could face severe legal penalties and even lose whatever attorney certification they possess, and even face imprisonment. Migrants wishing to enter the United States must do so using the procedures and processes outlined in US Immigration law, or face the possibility of being permanently banned from entry.

Although our Immigration Laws are not perfect they have been working quite well. When issues arise they are to be examined and corrected by US legislators in Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States.

I challenge any US Citizen who wished to travel outside the US to try doing so without any documentation and see how far you are able to go? The United States is a nation of laws, which must be followed in order to earn the privilege of coming here to live and raise a family. One is expected to learn the English language (read & write), obey the laws and follow the path to citizenship afforded to lawful immigrants to this country. Immigration is a privilege, not a right and not everyone is able to pack up and come here simply because they want to live the “American Dream”. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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