The Children as Cannon Fodder


The Children as Cannon Fodder

The crime in the treatment of “the children” being perpetuated on America is one of epic proportions and our nation is being taken for a huge ride at someone else’s enjoyment and at our expense.

This is not the first article I’ve written about the unlawful migration of foreign nationals through several nations, including Mexico bordering the southern United States. Let me share portions of a conversation I’m having with a friend and why we both deemed it an issue, but for very different reasons.

But first an illustration:

Reminds me of the old circus coming to town. Everyone wants to come out and see the elephants and the dancing bears. They love the girl riding the horses and standing on top as they circle the ring. It’s a circus and everyone looks forward to it coming around year after year. Until a group shows up protesting the “cruel” treatment of the animals. They make a big show of it and soon the towns folks and the media have broadcast how cruel the circus owner is and they keep it up until the circus no longer comes to town. The protests don’t stop until the owner is drug to court, pays huge fines and even goes to jail. And still the protests continue, only now it’s over aunt Sally and her unruly six dogs on the farm.

My friend in San Antonio, Texas expresses the very real concerns that many Americans have after bombarded by the media, politicians and various groups who oppose the Department of Homeland Security of enforcing the laws of the United States.

“I still get the local newspaper for our area. Everyday, without fail, there is some form of article about immigrants and how they are being treated by ICE. Full page coverage of children being separated from their family. Articles about local church efforts to provide housing for families that are reunited. More articles about legal offices providing “pro bono” assistances to immigrant adults and children. Here, they are the victims and our Federal agencies are the “black hat” bad guys. It is to be expected because San Antonio has a hispanic majority of over 60%. ”

“I am telling you this so that maybe you will understand why it is so much harder for me to support the conservative agenda when I am exposed to the opposites on a daily basis. I see many of the immigrants as people who live in countries where they are constantly subjected to lawlessness, severe poverty, poor or no job opportunities, abuse by gangs, women and children physically and sexually abused….is it any wonder why they are willing to take a chance of being allowed to get a fresh start in our country. I know there are legal ways to try and do that but the process is very slow and cumbersome. Look at how much trouble ICE has had just trying to unite all the children back with their parents or family. What a nightmare. It is a very difficult scenario. It is said that they are of a higher category for total care than our vets, to me seems to be questionable.”

“So many different ways to look at so many different issues confronting our country today.”

“Anyway, I felt I owed you a better explanation about why I feel as I do about issues that impact our country. My city thrives on care for any and all who are hispanic, especially the children.”

“Just sayin’!”

At this point I refer to the DHS secretary talking about “the children” and how they are being cared for until reunification takes place.

I also referred my friend to this article on “family separation” in the Conservative Review


My Friend in San Antionio, Texas

“I read them both. Her input as to what has really been going on with immigrants and the conservative “factual take” on the subject. I have read those facts and figures before. They should be ones we can trust and know they are accurate. But, to play the devil’s advocate, there has been many articles in our paper, comments made by various political sources in our area and coverage in our tv news program that have challenged much of those figures. There has also been interviews made by news people with the heads of various “support” organizations that have disputed the same facts and figures. They also show where families are reunited, with pictures of children hugging parents. It goes on and on where I live.”

“If I had to choose who to believe, the head of ICE should be enough. The conservative source seems to support many of the same facts and figures, taking the “truth of matters” even further. The Judge who forced the release of children to “parents” seems to be the one who is most wrong in his or her ruling. I honestly don’t know where to go with it anymore. The pro bono lawyers are looking only at emotion and not at what is law. Well, enough. It is both physically and emotionally draining to me. ”

My friend is right, this saga is physically draining on anyone who religiously sits down in front of the TV and takes in all the “news” about the goings on across our nation. It is as if we are being assaulted on all fronts over so many issues, and by so many people each with their own agenda.

One has to realize that we are in a very real time of civil unrest, not experienced by our nation since the Civil War. This is an attack on reason and sanity of Americans by forces of evil that are after our very souls. Our nation is in a very real spiritual battle over the Constitution and the continued existence of the United States of America as we know it today.

For the very reasons given by my friend and my own observations from where I live in Colorado I don’t put any stock into what is reported and shown on TV. Period. There are groups who stage those photos of kids in cages and it’s simply a photo op against law and order.

The real criminals in all of this are those who:

  • Organize, recruit and execute plans where they bring families and children to the border for this very purpose.
  • Cross the border to coach these migrants (not yet illegal in the US, but are in Mexico).
  • “Fake reporters or journalists” who broadcast these reports to the American public.
  • Are politicians who prey on this as a way to obtain votes are despicable and must be shown for who they are – vultures!
  • Liberal judges who attempt to overrule US law and force DHS to stop enforcement.

I will take the word of DHS anytime any day. There are thousands of children who were brought into the US by people who are not their relatives or parents.

It is possible that parents were paid a token sum and promised that their children will go to America and life will be better for them. I doubt they were told or maybe they did not know the living hell their children would endure. No parent would willingly send their children into the obis and simply hope they made it.

Let me remind everyone that in almost every country in the world there is a US Embassy or US Consulate. Anyone wanting to immigrate would start their immigration paperwork there. If they are truly being oppressed and fearful they would indicate that while requesting asylum at the Embassy.

It is not logical, I repeat it is not logical for someone to leave any African nation or any South American, Central American or North American nation with multiple opportunities to request asylum at the first nation they encounter (as international laws dictate) and “follow the crowd” through Mexico in order to apply for asylum at the United States border. And to do so without any documentation or paperwork to show who they are or their citizenship smells of deceit, fraud and/or extortion or at the very least human trafficking and that is where the outrage should be directed toward anyone or any organization involved in this fiasco.

There is no way DHS will or should release children to anyone other than their biological parents. That means caring for them humanly until the path for reuniting with parents can be accomplished.

There should be outrage not only by Americans, but by the world over this deliberate use of child hostages and child trafficking to the US.

American’s should get involved by volunteering to help in any way possible to assist DHS. Those who obstruct or oppose the way DHS handles these children should look for ways to make it better. After all DHS personnel are simply Americans doing their job the best way they know how and following the laws of the US.

If the laws are broken our legislative body can fix them. Yet politicians would rather blame someone else instead of using their collective energy to do what is right and just. For well over the past 9 years we have become a nation of crybabies wanting our free stuff and wanting more of it because it’s free.

Lastly it is in the best interests of the nations of the World and of the United States for ALL leaders to work together as friends to solve the many issues as they involve us all. Diplomacy is not simply threatening military might if you don’t do things our way. Diplomacy is using EVERY tool in the toolbox, before opening the toolbox of Warfare and President Donald J. Trump holds the key to the toolbox.

Humanity is at stake. We are all brothers and sisters, created by the same God. We breath the same air, drink the same water, eat the same food and bleed the same RED blood.

It is our choice to pray to the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is Jesus who is the Christ, the only Begotten Son of God who lived as a man, died on the cross for our sins, who rose again on the third day and who lives seated at the right hand of the Father, in Heaven – waiting for us to join him.

It is up to us to pray for God’s will to be done and to intervene on behalf of anyone who does not know Jesus Christ as their personal savior.

The battle over “the children” is a battle over ALL CHILDREN.

I am the Real Truckmaster!

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