The 3-D Plastic Gun Issue vs 2nd Amendment

3-D Plastic


The 3-D Plastic Gun Issue vs 2nd Amendment

The latest buzz on the internet is the guy who released detailed information on a 3-D plastic Gun that is printable from home, providing you can afford the 3-D printer and the plastic material. I know nothing about this printer or the process involved, but it does raise some very interesting questions about the future of plastics in a variety of forms and the legality or morality of something like a 3-D plastic gun.

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution guarantees and is perfectly clear on the freedom to bear arms as a means of protection against a tyrannical government.  Could the founders have known that one day there would be such uproar over things like a child forming a “gun” with his hand and playfully shouting “bang” and being kicked out of school because someone was scared? Or what about the kids playing in the backyard with toy rifles and toy pistols and someone calls 911?

In the 2002 Clint Eastwood movie Blood Work he plays a Secret Service agent being hounded by the villain who at one point uses a plastic pistol during an assassination attempt on the president, it could literally bring fear of someone actually doing something like that. With todays “Trump-phobia” sweeping the world of liberal politics could it actually become a reality?

It seems someone has actually used a 3-D printer to create a working model of a handgun. What’s more is that it has been validated by a federal judge as protected under the 2nd Amendment and now the liberal politicians and liberal media are falling all over themselves and calling for even more gun control legislation.

7:18 pm – One hour ago a last minute injunction has stopped plans for uploading the blue-prints for the 3-D gun on-line after President Trump joined legislators from both sides of the isle in voicing concerns.

It’s pretty sad because there already are laws on the books making murder a crime and using a handgun where someone is killed or injured is also a crime or crimes. Those laws were legislated from Congress and still we have a problem of people getting angry or hurt and vetting out revenge with a fire arm.

While browsing with my buddy Google I discovered that one can draw a gun using something so simple as an Etch A Sketch and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is so offended that they would call for the banning of ALL Etch A Sketch toys and demonize anyone who refuses to turn them over under threat of huge fines and imprisonment! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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