Like a Festering Boil


Like a Festering Boil

Have you ever just stood in front of the stove waiting for a pot of water to boil? Maybe it was just a tea kettle? It takes ever so long, and all you want is a good old cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea.

And take a canker sore (yes take it, please). When you get a sore on your lip, your arm or down where the sun doesn’t shine (you know where that is right?) at first you don’t notice it until it’s too late. Left untreated it begins to grow and festers until a pinhole breaks through the surface of the skin and puss begins coming out. Not really white, but sorta yukky gray-green and smells like something bad, because it is.

In recent months and in some cases recent hours there have been some pretty gross revelations coming out of congress. Remember when the to “I.T. Brothers” were found working for the DNC and a number of Democratic legislators but were fired after an internal investigation found them out? Now we have a certain Democratic legislator from California who had employed a foreign spy for over 20 years, but fired him 5 years ago and it’s taken this long for that to surface (President Trumps tweets don’t make it for 5 minutes).

We find out that the same Democratic legislator has had very interesting ties to Chinese legislators, former leaders and others. These ties have allegedly influenced her in legislative affairs on the floor in Congress, yet she has been a vocal proponent of the “Trump Russia Collusion” fiasco. Not to mention that she has been a member of Congress for quite some time and one knows what skeletons have been sitting in her closet over the years.

She’s not the only one either. We have many legislators who would be ousted from “public service” should the Congress vote themselves Term Limits, like they do pay raises. We have power hungry, power players and power seekers who can’t seem to get enough power.

I recently counted 242 Caucuses in Congress, until recently when another one sprung up, and how many others are there? Now not all caucuses are bad. I’m sure there are times when legislators must build alliances and a caucus may be the way to further agendas and promote trust between legislators. But I submit that caucuses may be bad for the exact same reasons.

There are 100 Senators and 435 Representatives in Congress. There are say 243+ Congressional Caucuses. Now if every legislator joined at least one caucus whose members agreed on EVERY bill proposed by only their members and jointly they agreed to disagree on EVERY bill proposed by non-members of their specific caucus, what a turmoil would that bring into the legislative process?

There is one Caucus that admits only Black legislators and denies membership to every other race, yet act as the “Race Police” in Congress, forcing or more accurately “shaming” legislators who don’t agree with them. There are caucuses under different sub-headings of religion, race, even accepting only those who have produced a DD-214 showing a military service connection, we can’t get Congress fully on board with Veterans issues but they will ALL form a solid line to stop President Trump from building that wall or fixing immigration and DACA, while calling him out for enforcing immigration with a zero tolerance approach.

We need new legislative leadership, fresh new members of Congress and a new attitude on what it means to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies both foreign and domestic; of doing FOR American voters, not doing TO American citizens.

In my opinion Americans ran the train off the tracks long ago even before Roe versus Wade. We’ve sidelined the train and nobody has tried rocking the boat over it, until now. It was seen as a speed bump, but the rock of political correctness has grown into the boulder of offense, which no one wants to kick out of the way.

With President Trump’s leadership and with Almighty God’s help the train of America can once again push forward on the tracks of excellence. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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