What is Hope?



What is Hope?

Today in American society being somewhat demanding of others to the point of expecting them to capitulate is simply Arrogant and Audacious. That is the feeling I get when I see a certain book in a bookstore or clearance house. The book is “The Audacity of Hope” by former President (#44) Barack Hussain Obama. I can only speculate on its contents because I cannot stand to look even past the title.

To me it is arrogant for someone to treat other people as inferior and to suggest they have the audacity to even hope. What is hope “The substance of things that are not seen” as in the bible? Without hope what is there?

Our nation’s young people exhibit life without hope. They become restless; disrespectful; arrogant; and audacious in words and in deeds. They act like the fools they have become because they have no hope. They are our future and they are our present; we are the past and we as a society have failed to place God first in our lives or to teach our children about the love of God for them.

So what has President Donald Trump (#45) brought to the table that his predecessor did not bring? What is catching the youth of today and giving them new life? What is turning on the minds of tomorrow? What is in the air? It’s infatuating; it’s mindboggling; it’s stimulating – It is HOPE restored.

Political correctness stifles the mind and body and when pursued it brings about death from within and without. Hope does not depend on political correctness. Hope tares down the invisible walls of fear and frees the very soul of humanity.

Hope is essential and comes from God. Without God there can be no hope. Not true hope, because without God all hope is lost. With God all things are possible. With God hope soars and cannot be bound.

When God gave vision to the underdog that vision was hope. Hope in a future. Hope of what America can become once again with God in control. When God brought forth the underdog, it was Donald J. Trump, who began wrecking the very idea that it was OK to be politically correct.

When God brought forth President Donald J. Trump, God brought forth hope; hope in America; hope for a better future for all American’s; hope for the world that God loves so very much.

God gave his only Son that through him the world might be saved from the penalty that sin deserves. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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