We Know How to Fix the Problems of Others



We Know How to Fix the Problems of Others

I suspect the joke’s on us as God’s way of showing us his subtle sense of humor.

From our earliest days we see someone with a problem and we try to reach out and help them fix it the best way we know how. The only problem is that most of the time we don’t know how to problem solve or troubleshoot and we sure don’t have any of the answers. Ask someone if they know how to solve a simple problem and most likely you’ll get that deer in the headlights look from them.

Take cars for instance, do you know how to change a flat tire? Can you explain to someone else how to do it? What do you do if it happens to you on a deserted stretch of highway, at night, and you have a car full of teenagers?

That’s the beauty because they have “ALL” the answers to just about every question you ask them.

I received a phone call one night from one of my grandsons and he informs me that he has a flat tire on his car. He said he was on a side road, so as not to interfere with freeway traffic, and the cop told him to get his car completely off the road.

I asked him if he knew how to change the flat? He said yes, but his spare was flat. Plus he was in the snow near home in Colorado Springs and was somewhere on the side of the interstate (I-25) just before Castle Rock, Colorado with several of his friends (all teenagers).

I asked if he had his jack and he said yes.

I then told him to jack up the car and remove the flat tire and I had an old tire from his car that I’d bring to him to put on the car so they could get back on the road.

It took me almost 30 minutes to get to the exit where I could pull in front of his car. Sure enough he was there with his friends, they were all in the car with the motor off and they are literally freezing. I noticed the flat tire was still on the car and the jack was nowhere to be found outside the car.

I came wearing my insulated coveralls, boots and gloves, and they don’t have maybe a jacket between them. I’m not very happy because why are they out in that weather in the first place, and why are there so many of them, and finally why were my instructions ignored?

I’m a retired truck driver so I make short work of jacking up the car, removing the tire and getting a little help putting the good tire on (THE FRONT). I instruct him to get on the freeway and keep it at the posted speed, drop those kids off at their place and get home and park the car until replacing the tire I brought to him.

A few days later I asked him what size tire his car took and he didn’t know. He said a friend was going to “loan” him a tire but didn’t know anything about it (size, tread, brand, condition). I went online and showed him how to look up his car, tire size and where he could buy it and have it installed. Sometimes helping someone doesn’t help. Once they fall down, they don’t know how to get back up on their own.

I see that a lot when all the experts voice their opinion on how the president “needs” to do his job. Everyone knows how to run the country, give out all the free stuff and call it good. I’m sure glad that Donald Trump is president and not me, because I am not able to focus when constantly bombarded with the distractions of the ultimate left.

Our president seems to be able to juggle many things at the same time and even make an omelet out of scrambled eggs. Unless someone has walked in his shoes, they should not give “sound” advice as to the job performance of @POTUS. There are several living former presidents who have absolutely had no idea how to govern going in and surrounded themselves with “advisors” who seemed to be clueless as well. Oh their policy decisions were sound in their own minds, but hindsight shows things probably could have been done differently with substantially differing outcomes.

As Americans we would all do well to support @POTUS to show the world that our nation is united, not divided as some of the insane stuff that keeps coming up gives the impression of a third world nation (which we are not). A team works together to accomplish a specific set of goals and a divided house cannot stand. “We are not always able to pick our friends, but we cannot fail to recognize our enemies.” DJT (paraphrased) – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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