The Snubbing of President Trump


The Snubbing of President Trump

When will they ever learn that bashing President Trump is simply a losing proposition?

The nation recently lost an internationally renowned icon that left an everlasting impression on America. It’s ironic that one of the trademark songs left behind was spelled out “R – E – S – P – E – C – T” was not shown at given at the funeral of Aretha Franklin, when Al Sharpton was among those who took away from her memorial service by talking trash about President Donald Trump. I wonder if she turned over in her casket upon hearing disparaging words against a president who has done so much to improve the lives of Americans across the spectrum of a racially divided America.

Another landmark was taken from America when John McCain passed away on Saturday and the events leading up to his funeral with full military honors was worthy of a presidential state funeral. His body was brought to the rotunda of the United States Capitol Building where he lay in state for mourners to come and pay their respects. Every detail was executed just the way he planned, to include who would be “allowed” to attend and to deliver accolades and praise about him. I’m not sure, but quite possibly there were mourners lined up to deliver disparaging words about President Trump (who was not on the preferred attendees list). Such a class act for a lowly “public servant” who claimed to love his country yet refused to support the president or his agenda over the past 20 months because he got his feelings hurt.

I’m sorry but it is up to each one of us to stand on our principles, yet “know when to hold em, and know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run” (the old Kenny Rogers song).

America has been in a great depression and didn’t even know it while politicians were promising the moon but delivering nothing and Americans getting deeper and deeper in debt and the national debt skyrocketed out of control. This was worse than the three blind mice being led by a deaf mouse.

President Trump was one man willing to step forward and do something about the sorry state of affairs encompassing America. He wasn’t a politician, but a very successful businessman and someone all the movers and shakers wanted to be seen with, until he announced his candidacy for president.

After being elected the Democrats rejected his presidency; the Republicans refused to take him seriously; and the media began attacking his credibility and his ability to govern, fueled in part by Congressional Democrats and RINO’s.

In recent weeks many Republicans have gotten on board with President Trump. On the other hand many Democrats have resorted to domestic terrorist style attacks on the president, his family, his cabinet and even openly threatening law enforcement possibly resulting in the weakened DOJ in the past 8 years of Obama.

Is it a coincidence that many of those who attack President Trump were previously recipients of his generosity toward them? I’m talking about the rich and famous those attended his parties, his weddings and were featured on his television show “The Apprentice”.

Is it because Donald Trump had been a Democrat most of his adult life? Or was it because the influence President Reagan had on shaping his political worldview? Quite possibly it was the fact that Donald Trump changed on the campaign trail or before and that he had a supernatural encounter that would chart a new course in his life.

Whatever happened has turned to political establishment upside down in so many ways. Those in power no longer have a political stranglehold and the thought of losing any of their power has enraged the Democrat elites to the point of encouraging open rebellion and physical assaults as a means of spreading fear and intimidation over others.

What good is it to ruin a memorial service of a “friend” or colleague  so that nobody remembers any of the good that was said about them, but can never forget the insults and disparaging remarks against the President of the United States regardless of political party?

The Democratic Party is dying from self-inflected wounds and must reestablish itself as the party of the blue collar workers and ditch the rhetoric of hate. America is tired of hearing it and they deserve more from congressional leadership in Washington, D. C. and at home. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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