There Is No Comparison


There Is No Comparison

Let me start off with “I TOLD YOU SO”.  Not that it needed to be said, but it makes me feel better saying it. Politicians are politicians are politicians. They tell you what you want to hear so they can get your vote. Their interests are not in you or those you represent, not even disguised in patriotism wrapped in the red white and blue and John McCain was a soldier turned politician. He wasn’t a maverick as many are led to believe, he was mediocre at best. The media referred to him as a “Favorite Son” in the headlines of this morning’s local paper. President Trump was referred to as “Good Trump” because he sent Air Force Two to “fetch” this favorite son to the nation’s capital and chastised because he went golfing instead of the funeral he wasn’t invited to. Go Figure!

The following statements may be a true indicator of the John McCain that spent over 35 years “fighting” for America in the halls of Congress and according to his colleagues he loved the “soldier” and was on the Armed Services Committee of the Senate.

What I don’t understand are how liberals (not just democrats) figure that a man who failed to achieve the highest office of the land can be equated to the sitting President of the United States?

Donald Trump was not a politician, yet on his first attempt scored the nomination against politicians and business professionals alike and beat the opposing party’s “best” candidate during the 2016 election.

There has been a lot of hype over Donald Trump’s past. History looks back on his younger years as Trump being a “bad boy”, a son of privilege who developed some nasty habits, yet was the envy of the rich and famous. Trump was a self-made man who was frequently seen with a beautiful babe on each arm, frequenting the nightclubs and hotspots of New York City and elsewhere.

The hype over John McCain’s past shows him as a son of privilege, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, yet his mediocre accomplishments warrant everything except praise by those who knew and served with him during the Vietnam War and in the halls of Congress. His marriage into money cemented his place in Congress.

The differences are clear John McCain was often seen as a bitter man unhappy over life and more scornful than a woman who suffered from hurt feelings. As a member of Congress, McCain often sided with the opposition party against his own party. This caused the legislative process to often come to a screeching halt.

So how is it that Obamacare passed without opposition from Congress or McCain? How is it that no Comprehensive Immigration Reform was tackled successfully during his reign? Why was no border wall legislation and/or funding pushed through to enhance border security?

It’s a well-known fact that absolute power corrupts absolutely and John McCain had a hold on that absolute power, to the point of deciding who would or would not be invited at his funeral. He was a self-centered man to the very end.

On the other hand Donald Trump was also a self-made man, with all the fame and fortune any man could want. He put his life on hold, cast aside his fortune and fame for the country that he loves. During his younger years he appeared to exist for vanity’s sake, but all that changed when he saw a need and knew that he had a plan and answers to change the failed direction of the nation. There is no comparison between the life of McCain and the life of Trump. Both sought to have their own way and dealt with rejection differently.

I’m not knocking the lifetime accomplishments of either McCain or Trump, yet I know that when one goes through life seeking the praises of man those praises are ones only reward. John McCain has received and will continue to receive the praises of those who placed him on that pedestal. These are the same people who opposed McCain’s bid for presidency and are rejecting Trump’s successful bid as president.

Donald Trump is on a different trajectory and while it is nice to receive recognition on his historic accomplishments, his reward is to do the task he has been given and break down the barriers plaguing this nation and return America’s eyes back to Almighty God as he continues to “Make America Great Again”.

I pray that American’s do not end up going out on the same defiant terms as John McCain. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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