The Epitome of Stupidity

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The Epitome of Stupidity

After reading the NYT Opinion Editorial by a self-proclaimed senior Trump administration official I issued my response where I blasted the author and others like him as a coward. Like other republicans who claim to know better than the president, he feels that he is safeguarding America and that is not true.

American voters like me voted for Donald J. Trump and because of democrat and republican politicians we elected our president. The anonymous source or inside resistance “fighters” are a major reason our nation is in the condition it is in.

It has long been known that no matter who elected and/or appointed in government there are deep state actors who are like the helmsman on the ship of state, or the crew of a large vessel. The captain is in command of the ship, but the crew makes sure it runs steady. Thus this author sees himself and his cronies as the steady state, not the deep state.

There is no other way to put it but what these deep state actors have done is subversive and treasonous. They have pitted a non-violent coup against the duly elected president and are attempting to steer the ship of state as “they” see fit. It is a mutiny and during wartime it would be punishable by death by firing squad.

In my response letter I said he should resign, but I think it’s too late for that. These people will be found out and they should be prosecuted for the mutinous behavior they have committed. They are the out of control government employees acting outside the Constitution which is the basis for US law. To them their cause is noble and they see themselves as above the law.

For example if the president tells you to create a “Space Force” as a sixth branch of the armed forces and you cannot present a reasonable argument against it, and it is your job to make it happen, just get to work. Show the impracticality of it or better yet show the practicality of what it will be. Don’t call it “walking it back” because you haven’t walked it anywhere.

The proper response would be to address their concerns directly with the president, vice president or their direct line supervisor or cabinet secretary. They should outline their concerns and recommended solution or advice and if they are not satisfied that they are being taken seriously they should simply resign and go work elsewhere.

We who are or have been military do this all the time when duty assignments are changed yearly or at the needs of the service. We walk into a situation, assess it, determine appropriate action to be taken, and then make it happen. Overstepping our authority or disregarding the orders of our superiors is fatal, as it should be.

So being a high paid “pencil pusher” is no license to subvert the authority or commands of the president and calling it “resistance” is just a lame excuse that some members of congress are currently using when they could be doing the job THEY were elected to do.

I can tell you that Donald Trump is not perfect, nor does he claim to be, but he is OUR president and for those who refuse to support and CHOSE TO RESIST you are the very reason we elected him.

I personally have a low tolerance for stupidity, what I see and hear coming out of the resistance “movement” is the epitome of stupidity.

Whether you’re in business or in government and you have a clearly defined job to do, stop messing around rattling your sword and when your job is defined in the Constitution. Just Do It! – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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