Why Follow The Real Truckmaster?

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Why Follow The Real Truckmaster?

Why not? There are many who follow my Realtruckmaster.blog posts. This is what you should know.

I’m a son to my parents, a brother to my brothers, a husband to my wife, father of my children, grandfather (Papa) to my grandkids and great-grandkids. I am Uncle Joe, Cousin, Nephew, and Paw-Yai (grandfather) to my Thai family. To those who don’t really know me I’m “the grouchy old man”.

I love Jesus and offer no apology. There are only two kinds of people in this world, believers and unbelievers. As a believer, I believe what is written in John 14:6 New International Version (NIV), “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

On 13 September 1967, I joined the Army and have spent much of my adult life in stationed in places around the world, Thailand, Panama, Germany and Japan and in Washington, California, Colorado, Missouri and temporary duty in Virginia and Indiana. You could say I’ve been around the block a time or two.

I retired on 31 December 1990, from the US Army. I’m a Thailand Veteran of the Vietnam War, who loves and supports the United States of America and a sworn defender of the US Constitution.

The world we live in has been turned upside down by political correctness.

  • We are fed a daily diet of homophobia, sexophobia, raceophobia, and more recently trumpophobia.
  • We are told you are what you feel you are, male, female, transgender, transsexual, multisexual, or nonsexual.
  • We are told that children are not to be categorized as male or female, but sexless at birth.
  • We are told that women are to be treated as equals to men.
  • We are told Black Power is good, White Power is bad, and everyone must conform to political correctness.
  • We are told that killing innocent babies in the womb through abortion is simply a woman’s right to choose.
  • We are told that the only safe sex is using condoms, birth control pills or devices.
  • We are told that abstaining from sex before marriage violates a person’s rights.
  • We are told there is no place for God or religion in politics, government, schools, churches and homes.
  • We are told to be tolerant of other people and their religious or non-religious beliefs.
  • We are told that Democrats are caretakers of the disadvantaged and poor.
  • We are told that Republicans are in the pocket of big business and special interest groups.
  • We are told that Donald J. Trump is the symptom and Republicans are the cause.
  • We are told that Donald J. Trump is to blame for all the racism in America.

I am also a Republican, disenfranchised at times, but more recently I became an avid supporter of President Donald J. Trump for reasons many of you will not understand. I have no illusions about his past failings or successes. He is a man who is used to getting his way but I am not stuck in Donald Trump’s past. I ask how many of you who are reading this has a spotless past. How did you handle your failures? What about your successes? Did you play around? Play the field? Or play fast and furious with other people, their lives, honor or finances? Are there things you would like to have done differently or change? I can tell you this much, Donald Trump is someone you want on your side in a fight. He won’t quit. He won’t give up. He won’t stay down. He is predictably unpredictable.

If you believe any or all of the media articles, reports and polls it’s easy to become convinced that Donald Trump is wrong for the office of the presidency. I say he is exactly right for the office of the presidency. His approach to politics, foreign affairs is unconventional at best. There are many attempting to publically and privately undermine him and thwart his policy decisions. They are wrong in doing so.

His businesslike approach to governance has brought a strong and robust economy. Businesses are growing and becoming stronger; jobs are more plentiful and the country is turning a corner and Americans are basking in the present while anticipating a bright future ahead under his leadership.

What is also becoming more evident is that “the swamp” is draining. The creatures of the swamp are moaning and groaning as they are becoming exposed. What I find interesting is that many who are opposing President Trump are the same ones who sought him out for financial support when he was billionaire businessman Donald Trump. They are the ones who then needed his help, or rather his money. Today they distance themselves and have forgotten their past, while continually bring up his past.

It is my belief that Donald J. Trump is a man on a mission. He is on auto-pilot and is focused laser-sharp on that mission. Nothing will divert him to the right or to the left and his target is political correctness in America. Don’t be fooled by his tweets and seemingly random outbursts attacking the media or those in his cabinet or others in government over “trivial” matters. Donald trump is focused on winning and winning is the end game.

Like many Americans, Donald Trump has been a religious man his entire life. He has gone to church on Sunday’s and holidays. He has been “confirmed” at age 13 in an official religious ceremony. At a very young age he has been taught about who Jesus really was and is – the Son of Almighty God. Now all of that is well and good and that makes him a Christian as the world defines Christianity and at heart he has been a good man. Being a good man is not how Donald Trump became president. It was by the grace of Almighty God who saw a man who does not easily give up or quit. A man who was able and became available to be used as God desired.

Say what you want but the incessant daily attacks on the man, Donald Trump lead me to believe what I have known for quite some time that Trump is exactly the right man for the presidency AT THIS TIME IN AMERICA. If you don’t believe me, watch the news, read the backstories, observe the reaction of public political figures and gage the response of private citizens. More importantly discern whether or not it lines up with scripture. If it does not, it’s of the world and will not stand.

I believe God answered the prayers of Christians around the world and across our land who asked for God to do something about the ungodliness sweeping our nation. We prayed and believed God would answer our prayers.

We believed and although not what we expected at all, God sent Donald J. Trump as a sword to cut through the political correctness which God is destroying bit by bit. Not an evangel president, but an Isaiah 45, Cyrus kind of president – POTUS 45.

To all my followers and to the casual reader – Thank You! – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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