The Editorialist



The Editorialist

It’s not so much as right and wrong, but about good and evil. There comes a time when someone has to take a stand for God and all that is good and resist evil in all its many forms. Enter editorialists like me who recognize the scams, con games and flimflam artists and call them out for all to see. Education is not the answer so much as knowledge is the key to understanding life and what makes the world go around.

When I was young I played with toys, boy toys and loved to explore. My brothers and I used to play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians and we had a clubhouse (the old empty building at the end of the road).

As I grew my focus changed and I made enemies easier than I did friends and in high school I had a best friend named Chuck. We hung out, were in the Civil Air Patrol and did lots of things together. The Vietnam War changed all that. Chuck dropped out after our junior year and joined the army and went to Southeast Asia. I moved nearby and graduated high school and later joined the army and found myself in Southeast Asia as well.

Chuck got out after Vietnam, and worked a number of jobs while serving in the Idaho Air National Guard until retiring a few short years ago. I stayed in the army and retired after 22 years but did not return home, but stayed where I was planted and retired at.

We’re still friends, though no longer close friends (geographically or otherwise) but on occasion we still talk. We have our families and our lives are much different than they were back then, but our roads have drifted us apart.

I’ve always had a hankering to write, but normally don’t get past the first sentence in the first paragraph. Over the years I’ve written reports, proofread papers and delved into online journalism of sorts. I began publishing HTML webpages in the late 1990s as home computers became affordable and we development was the thing to do. I’ve worked with others to get their web presence up and running and even hosted a few sites back then.

Since becoming fully retired I’ve morphed into writing and editorializing to the point that some feel I’m way too involved in my work.

My worldview is much broader now and I think beyond the borders of my home state of Idaho. I see the world in a more personal light after spending much of my military service in places like Thailand, Panama, Germany and Japan where the people I’ve encountered are some of the friendliest and often the funniest I’ve ever met.

In recent years I see that generally (I use that term very loosely) are very naïve, ignorant or simply not aware of what’s happening around them. Someone yells “Jump” and everyone wants to know “How High”?

What is particularly disturbing is the number of SPAM calls and email messages that one receives every day. Most are easy to spot and ignore or delete without further consequences. Others are easier for some to believe but often lead to financial loss or worse. So when you get an email from “Cousin Bobby Jo Diddlesquat” who’s stuck in an airport overseas and he’s lost his wallet, passport and all his cash but he needs you to bail him out and HE’LL PAY YOU BACK!

Don’t believe it.

You don’t have a cousin with that name. He’s overseas and lost his entire ID? How is he going to collect the massive amounts of cash he wants you to send him without ID? He obviously doesn’t have a job (anymore) so how is he going to pay you back?

Have you ever had family pay back borrowed money without sicking Gwitto after them to twist their arms, amputate their legs or torture their favorite cat?

You might want to pass on that, ok?

That brings me up to today. I like to think of myself as an editorialist. One who deciphers fact from fiction and puts a plain spin on it so even a blind man can see it. Wrong is still wrong; right is still right and anyone who tells you otherwise is just plain yanking your chain.

Take politics. Please take politics and bury it somewhere. Politics is the art of compromise, usually in the other guys favor. It is politically correct to compromise. You lose some part of yourself and you gain nothing in return. A government run on politics is usually run into the ground and yes that light at the other end of a tunnel is a TRAIN!

When one side or the other touts someone as exceptionally good or extremely bad they are usually right. The exceptionally good are usually too good to be true; the extremely bad are just that – take their word for it.

It’s wise to be a man or woman of principle. Know who you are. Know your values. Don’t compromise your convictions. Stand your ground, no matter how rough it may seem. Stand firm!

It takes courage to stand on the biblical values that we’ve been given as the inspired Word of Almighty God. It’s virtually impossible, unless you are grounded in the Word and God has your six. But know this when God is by your side and the world stands against you – you’ve already won!

While I’m on the topic of religiousness I want to make it perfectly clear that religion won’t get you to Heaven. All of the Alibaba’s or all the mumbo jumbos of religions or religious people will simply get you tired. Cut to the chase and get into a relationship with the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, who is God’s only begotten son Jesus who is the Christ.

John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

That’s it in a nutshell. – I am the Real Truckmaster!

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