Jumping to Conclusions with Dr. Ford



Jumping to Conclusions with Dr. Ford

The first week of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing of SCOTUS nominee in front of the Senate Judicial Committee had become nothing more than a 3-ring circus by the antics of Congressional Black Caucus members Senator Cory Booker and Senator Kamala Harris and others of both political parties. Their outlandish conduct reduced the hearings to nothing more than a character assassination of President Trump’s nominee and a tactic of delay until after the mid-term elections.

These tactics were aided by leaking of personal information leading to personal attacks on him, his family and were spotlighted in the press and on social media while placing blame on the president for his selection of a well-qualified candidate for SCOTUS.

What happened next is entirely the creation of leakers who seized upon new and crucial information about an alleged sexual assault involving the nominee and a yet to be identified accuser from 36 years ago. What should have been confidential information was made public in such a manner that it would appear to be entirely politically motivated.

Once the name of the accuser was made known, without the “facts” of the incident being made public there were certain portions of private family information from both the accuser and the accused that gave credence to the fact that it was about extenuating circumstances leading to a “motive” for this last minute attack on the nominee.

Once it was made public that the accuser would appear before the Judiciary Committee on live television I set my DVR and recorded the 10-27-2018 testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford so that I could skip any and all distracts and hear what she had to say about her sexual assault. I wanted to separate her truth from the fiction of what the press had been publishing.

At the beginning of Dr. Ford’s testimony Chairman Grassley summarized the efforts of the committee to thoroughly investigate Judge Kavanaugh and take seriously any accusations of misconduct and were met with resistance from several members of the committee and even from Dr. Ford. Cooperation could have kept her testimony out of the public forum and prevented much of the public spectacle she has been experiencing.

Also Senator Feinstein summarized Dr. Ford’s educational background and acknowledged receiving Dr. Ford’s letter from another legislator (Representative Anna Eshoo) and was asked to keep the letter confidential.

Up to this point there had been no formal statement from Dr. Ford, only accusations of an alleged sexual assault fueled by the press and the antics of Democrat Party legislators using disrupt and delay tactics to prevent the confirmation of this presidential SCOTUS nominee.

Dr. Ford read from her handwritten letter to the committee about her efforts to inform the president and congress about the sexual misconduct of Judge Brett Kavanaugh once his name had come out on the president’s short list; and again once he became the presidential nominee. She did not get immediate response until she notified the Washington Post on a confidential email tip line and only then after the nomination.

Listening to Dr. Ford’s opening statement leads me to believe the credibility of her account and nothing like what had been released by the media. Her description contained enough details for me to believe that the assault did in fact happen and left no doubt that she did in fact recognize her attacker as Brett Kavanaugh.

I do not feel that this was politically motivated, but the method of its handling, leaking to the press and promotion through social media was a disservice to Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, President Trump, members of Congress and to the American people who have been manipulated toward an ultimate goal of presidential impeachment by any means necessary to justify the end.

Throughout the Ford testimony several committee members placed the blame on the president, the director of the FBI and other party members of the committee, without taking responsibility for THEIR actions during these proceedings.

That being said I too take full responsibility for my postings and articles which blasted Dr. Ford based upon the same misconceptions and misinformation that were given publicly.

I stand behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh as a well-qualified nominee for SCOTUS and recognize that like everyone he made pour choices during his youthful years, such as indulging in alcohol consumption which in this case may have led to an attempted rape or sexual assault while intoxicated.

It was Dr. Ford who as a high school student made a youthful mistake and a poor choice by going to a house where she expected to meet a friendly boy or two and instead came across two boys who came across as drunk and disorderly. She did not tell her parents because of her going somewhere she would not have been allowed to go, particularly in that type of setting.

This is not a “boys will be boys” justification, but a fact that none of us are perfect, yet in our youth we all feel that we are “know it all’s” who have all the answers, when we don’t even have the questions.

I dare say that at some point in our lives we too have made a poor choice or two and it is reasonable to assume that we learn from those poor choices and strive to make better decisions as a result.

Christine Blasey Ford went on to become a Doctor PHD, a university professor, married and a mother who has struggled to overcome the memory of this event and suffers today from what we call PTSD. She is not a bad person, nor the monster she has been made out to be by the misinformation and character assassination tactics which caused her to flee her home, and become even more fearful of the personal attacks on her person and her family.

Brett Kavanaugh also moved on to become an outstanding judge and a presidential nominee for SCOTUS. He too has been made out to be some sort of monster due to misinformation and character assassination tactics which are bent at destroying his credibility, with threats to his professional career, his family and his potential membership on the SCOTUS.

The only ones who do not seem to learn from their mistakes are the ones who use petty politics and personal attacks on those who have a different political perspective.

As an aside, President Trump has ordered an FBI investigation of limited scope and duration to gather information based on these allegations. The results will be made known to the Judiciary Committee who will then assess the information gathered and make a recommendation of whether or not to confirm or deny the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to SCOTUS. I stand with Judge Kavanaugh! – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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