The Case for the American Democrat Party



The Case for the American Democrat Party


There has to be compelling reasons for any America voter to register with the Democrat Party. Is it the face or voice of the Democrat Party? Who exemplifies the virtues and qualities espoused in the Democrat Party creed? Is it the catchy jingle verbalized so passionately by Maxine Waters or her peers? Maybe it’s both the short term and long term goals expressed by the Democrat Party’s congressional leaders like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or Diane Feinstein or congressional spokes persons like Keith Ellison, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris or Senators Sheila Jackson Lee, Maggie Hassan and others or by their overwhelming silence. Maybe it’s simply that President Trump continues to nominate political fireballs into prominent positions that endanger members of the Washington DC swamp?


Is it the idea that Democrat Party members are intellectually superior to the inferior deplorables of the Republican Party? As I said there has to be compelling reasons why someone would identify with the Democratic Party, but for the life of me I haven’t heard a believable one yet.


We’ve heard from Nancy Pelosi that President Trump is ruining the country by allowing wage earners to keep more of their hard earned pay, and the government is denied access to it. I’ve also heard that having an extra week for an FBI investigation into Judge Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t give the Democrats enough time to think about his being qualified or scandal free so they can make a decision on his nomination to the SCOTUS.


We’ve heard from Chuck Schumer that after the mid-terms the Democrat Party will go back and revisit the SCOTUS hearing rules. Cory Booker said that innocence doesn’t matter as it pertains to Judge Kavanaugh thereby making him unfit to serve on the SCOTUS.


Let’s not forget that Representative Maxine Waters who is the champion of “Impeach Trump” and her chorus is being picked up by other followers and wannabees who really do think they are smarter than We The People. Then there is up and coming super dem star candidate Ocasio_Cortez who is delusional at best and thinks if she wins her political race she will be inaugurated into office. (Is she the best they have)?


So far I haven’t heard of a single reason in support of voting Democrat, so I guess everyone who votes is simply anti-Trump and it doesn’t matter what happens to the country as long as they exercise their manufactured hatred of President Trump. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



One thought on “The Case for the American Democrat Party

  1. There is no reason to ever vote democrat. After all this crap, they should go extinct. I don’t care how high you want taxes or how many babies you want killed, anyone who has any sense of value or character should be able to see how the liberals have acted this week and say I’m done. I’m just voting conservative in November. I don’t care who. I’m going so deep into all the judges and other people up for election here in MD and voting only R next to their name. Oh, I think the republicans are still just as stupid, but I will take that stupidity over the evil and vile viciousness of the democrats every day of the week.


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