A Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel



A Bad Apple Spoils the Barrel

You’ve heard the saying that a bad apple spoils the whole barrel. That saying is part and parcel to just about any topic, subject or group of people around the world and is most noticeable in American politics here in the United States of America. Taking a much needed break I turned off and unplugged for a 4 day sabbatical and headed off the information superhighway.

Driving across country give you plenty of time to contemplate about what’s really important in life. The most important is a relationship with the God of the universe, the Creator God. Without God there is no purpose, no direction in life and actually no life to speak of. I normally begin driving early in the morning (or late at night if you prefer) and we see a lot of darkness as life without God is darkness.

We think about family and friends and the discussion always comes around to real or true friendship. You can have family or friends and still not have true friendship, which is built on relationship. Having spent quite a bit of time overseas and in various states, cities around military bases it’s rather hard to develop long lasting relationships. Being separated from family can also prevent really true relationships with family as it takes hard work on everyone’s part to really develop the closeness that is needed.

I have had complete strangers offer greetings and engage in friendly conversation. I have received the “California Salute” which is rather strange seeing the extended finger of disrespect. I guess that solidifies what I said about not having worked at making real friends.

When it comes to politics, Americans are not defined so much as we are affected by politics. It’s easy to see that when someone is not grounded by biblical values in their personal or in their family life it’s easy to become swayed as the winds of politics sweep through the community or across the nation. The saying of if it feels good do it comes into play as common sense goes out the door.

Remember that one bad apple does indeed can spoil the whole barrel. We are at a point in our nation where we rationalize our desires and let the political rantings and ravings of others become our own and that is dangerous.

Our political system has been corrupted for quite some time, to the point that normal level-headed thinking has become politically incorrect. We have been told that we cannot pass on biblical family values while raising our children. We send our children off to public school where they are literally brainwashed and indoctrinated to the point that they believe parents are the enemy, government is the answer and that revolution is what is needed to bring about change. Change is away from normal healthy values toward an anything and everything goes attitude.

We currently have 535 members of congress, many of whom have risen to political power and amassed a monetary fortune after decades in politics while claiming to be a servant of the people (public service). They are examples of the biblical teaching that the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Money = Power.

We live under a Constitutional-Republic form of government where the rule of law is based on the Constitution of the United States. Limited power is given to the government by the people, and the power not given is retained by the people.

We have seen with our own eyes over the past several years where power hungry politicians have virtually enslaved an entire segment of our society with offers of “free stuff” in order to obtain their political votes to remain in power and in office.

More recently we have seen a non-politician (Donald Trump) rise up and engage the political elites with whom he has previously had extensive relationships with because of the power of his wealth and influence. His proclamation of “drain the swamp” hit a political nerve because the fear of losing their political power is being challenged.

One does not have to be a “Trumper” to understand what is going on politically. One can clearly see what is happening every time a political boiling point erupts and the hateful rantings of a few orchestrated politicians or celebrities begin to immerge.

There are those who are “bad apples” in both political parties and as the swamp drains we hear more from them. They claim that civility in politics is no longer possible. That is a lie. Uncivility is a choice, and is strictly used as a distraction and as a means of dividing the American people. The phrase of doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is a biblical one and it does not say do to them before they do to you. Anyone who loves God loves life. We are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. We are to love everyone as we are loved by God.

Those who are “bad apples” should be culled out of the barrel and discarded before the contents of the entire barrel are destroyed. In this case it is the political barrel and those who are advocating for an unsecure nation or the destruction of human babies in the womb or the continued enslavement of our society to political masters must be driven out of our government at the polls by eligible voters at the polls.

A nation divided against itself cannot stand. – I am the Real Truckmaster!



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