So Democrats Have The House



So Democrats Have the House


The 2018 mid-terms are over and the Democrats will be taking over the majority in the House of Representatives. My question is simply this, what changes? Do they suddenly have a conscious? Are they now willing to take their political vehicle from Park and put it into Drive and begin doing their constitutional duties or do they simply see this as a way to shift from Low into High gear and ramp up the Democratic rhetoric?


Under Republican House leadership, the Democrats have stalled on every front. They have opposed common sense legislation, made a mockery of Congress and resisted President Trump because they could get away with it. Even when challenged by the president to write legislation that will directly benefit the American people and make our nation safer, they chose “No”.


But now on the eve of the new Congress being sworn in suddenly the Democrats are motivated to become fully transparent and release documents to the public, many of which may still be classified. They have renewed their chants of investigate President Trump for the non-existent Russian Collusion, and do whatever it takes to impeach him. Looks to me like Democrat change is no change at all.


Unless Congress becomes unified in an effort to uphold the rights of the American people under the Constitution, stop the “Reality TV and Circus antics” we’ve seen over the past several months Americans will continue to be victimized by the racist tendencies of the Congressional Black Caucus on the extreme left who’s membership has striven over the past 40+ years to effect changes that consolidate power and weaken Congress at the expense of the American people.


Congress has the responsibility to do what is in the best interests of American citizens when it comes to national security and public safety by insuring the legislation written is in full compliance to the Constitution of the United States. At the same time American citizens have the responsibility to elect legislators who will fulfill their campaign promises and safeguard ALL the articles contained in the Bill of Rights and in the Constitution.


How do you know your rights unless you read and seek to understand the Constitution? How do you exercise your rights unless you also exercise your right to vote? How do you insure your children and grandchildren know the history of America unless we begin teaching Civics classes and American History in schools again?


We must allow God back into our schools and teach biblical principles instead of the religions of the world. Our nation was founded by men and women who lived and died for the right to practice their faith in God without government interference. – I am the Real Truckmaster!


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