The Anti-Flatulence Underwear




The Anti-Flatulence Underwear


We need a break from all the “news” that we’re reading about on Facebook. I’m writing in preparation for Thanksgiving Day where everyone will be eating heartily and I was reminded of one of the morning show programs recently where they discussed an article about clothing one can wear to take care of the odor associated with passing gas (farting). While searching I found some really good news. This New Zealand Medical Journal has an article about Flatulence on airplanes: just let it go.


There has been a breakthrough in new technology that has caught up with military technology of the 1980’s, with the new Under-Ease 2G with replaceable filter that wicks away moisture. This is the latest from the Under-Tee Corporation – Underwear for Flatulence.


There’s even a company in England that specializes in “Shreddies” a Flatulence Filtering Underwear for women. They even have Ladies Flatulence Pyjamas.


Another product is this Military Outdoor Clothing U.K. Military Chemical Suit that can be found on Amazon.


If you were in the military you must remember the charcoal lined MOPP suits, and they are now offered on ebay. It goes with everything. You know the booties, rubber gloves and that peachy keen chemical mask with its attractive carrier.


The morning show program was talking about this company that has developed Anti-Flatulence, charcoal-lined pants that you sit or stand with your legs together and “let her rip” it will make passing gas a totally new experience for everyone. I haven’t yet found the link to the article, but it sort of squashes the bad smell after eating spicy food or in my case ice cream (due to a lactose issue). – I am the Real Truckmaster!




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